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lewis and clark

No description

dilon comer

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark
New Animals and Nature
Personal Info
William Clark ~ The Clark family first settled in Virginia, then relocated to a frontier in Caroline Country, VA. He was born on August the 1st, 1770. The Clark family also lived as far west as any other settlers.
Life After the Expedition
After the Expedition, Lewis was appointed governor of the Louisiana Territory. Clark was promoted to Brigadier General and appointed to the Superintendency of Indian Affairs. Lewis, at age 35, died on October 11, 1809 (just three years after the Expedition). His grave lies within Natchez Trace National Parkway.
Clark lived a long and productive life in St. Louis. He died September 1, 1838, at age 68. He is buried in the Clark family plot. In deserved tribute, both Meriweather Lewis and William Clark are recognized members of that generation of our young nation's heroes.
The Trips Importance
Drew Hare
Also, Thomas Jefferson is credited with the Latin inscription on Lewis's head stone.
Meriwether Lewis ~ Meriwether was the first born of Lucy Meriwether and William Lewis. After William's death, Lucy remarried and moved the family to Georgia.
Dilon Comer
By Jordan Page, Drew Hare, Dilon Comer
The trip led to active learning through exploration.
It set the stage for settlement in the west.
It opened land and discovered new cultures.
The trip found a water way to the pacific ocean.
It also allowed the west to grow.
Drew Hare

Weather: The expedition had to deal with thunderstorms, heat, hail, and cold. Their worst weather occurred at Clatsop. It rained all but 12 days that winter. The explores clothes rotted on their backs.
Sacagawea ~ She was the daughter of a Shoshone chief. Around the age of 12 Sacagawea was captured by Hidatsa Indians.
Although the expedition was peaceful when they met indian tribes, there was one battle between the explorers and native americans. No explores died during the battle; however, it resulted in 3 dead native americans.
Works Cited
Other key lives In Lewis and Clark's Expedition!
Thomas Jefferson ~ T. Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1803 to explore the northwest territory. In 1804, about 45 men headed by Lewis and Clark up the Missouri river,
Indian Encounters
Drew Hare
Grizzly & Black Bear
Least Tern
Piping Plover
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Grey Wolf
Mule Deer
Ground Squirrel
White-Tailed Jackrabbit
Common Poorwill
During the expedition, the explorers came in contact with nearly 50 Native American tribes.
While in the Rockies the explorers were looking for Shoshone Indians. They needed horses to cross the Rockies. However, they met a new member of the Corps, Sacagawea, a Shoshone Indian kidnapped by Hidatsa Indians many years before. This was the first time the Shoshone had seen white man.
Trumpeter Swan
Western Meadowlark
Western Juniper
Bushy-Tailed Wood Rat
Swift Fox
Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel
Long Spur
Western Rattlesnake
Catfish & Cutthroat Trout
Trumpet Swan
Golden Eagle
Sharp Tailed Grouse
Drew Hare
Jordan Page
Seaman ~ Man's best friend Meriweather found a dog and named it Seaman, the dog and Meriwether were attached, the first moment the met. ( the dog is a buffaloe calf)
Buffalo berry
Pasture Sage wort
Bear berry
Indian Tobacco
Lanceleaf Sage
Missouri Milk-Vetch
Lewis and Clark discovered 122 new animals and 178 new plants.
Below is a few of the new living things they came upon.

Interesting Facts
The expedition too 863 days; a total of 7,689 miles were traveled by the Corps.
In today's dollars, it cost about $126,000,000 for the expedition.
The men carried with them over eight tons of equipment and food.
Each man consumed 9 pounds of meat per DAY (when available)
Lewis got shot by an one-eyed member who mistook him as an elk.
- Thomas Jefferson secretly asks for approval from Congress to explore the Western part of the United States
- News of Louisiana Purchase is announced
- Meriwether Lewis and William Clark recruit others for expedition
- The Corps of Discovery begin their journey up the Missouri River
- The Corps holds the first Independence Day celebration
- The explorer hold a council with Oto and Missouri Indians
- They enter the Great Plains and discover animals unknown to the East
- Troops meet many other Indian tribes
- Lewis and Clark hire Sacagawea to be their guide
- The men experience temperatures colder than they ever knew it to be
-Sacagawea's baby boy, Jean, was born
- The men kill their first grizzly bear
- One of their boats nearly overturns but Sacagawea saved most of the possesions.
- The Corps reach an unknown fork in the Missouri River
- Sacagawea recognizes the Chief as her long-lost brother
- The men start to starve
- Clark believes he sees the Pacific Ocean when in reality it was the Columbia River
- The men set out for home after a harsh winter.
- They were praised as national heroes.
The Tribes Lewis and Clark met
Plains Tribes ~ Mandans & Pawnees lived in villages most the year. They lived 0n plains instead in the woods or mountains.
Pluateau indians ~ Osage, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, & Mandan met upon reaching the rocky mountains.
Dilon Comer
Dilon Comer
Jordan page
The blue and red lines
show where the Corps of
Discovery traveled.
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