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Iran by Liv Meyers

No description

gs students

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Iran by Liv Meyers

Iran by Liv Meyers
Iran's religion and most common languages
Iran's Wars
Iran has had a lot of wars I have counted 32 wars or more.
Iran is 636,400 and located in the middle East, West of Asia and the population of 65,619,636
How big is Iran and where Iran is located
Iran's education
Iran's literacy rate is 72.1% and has 63,101 primary schools, there compulsory schooling is 5 years and there expenditure on education is 4.0%
Iran's religion is Jewish and Iranians. the languages are Persian,Turkic Kurdish Baloehi, Luri, Arabic, Turkish
Iran's geography
Iran has cold mild winter and in the summer it can be cold but also warm.
Iran's landforms
The north of Iran is covered in plateaus and mountains and in the central eastern part its just mostly plateau the land covered in
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