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No description

loresa h

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Dentist

By Loresa Hajrizi

What do you have to do in order to become a dentist?
you have to complete dental school which is 6 years
you have to pass the state exam to get a license
What are some tasks for a dentist?

analyze x-rays and evalute dental need
treat teeth and tissue problems
write prescription for patients

What's a day in the life as a dentist like?
Skills you should have acquired...
Use math and science
Work with people
Reason and problem solve
About how much does a dentist get payed hourly?
As a dentist, you get payed about $69.25 per hour.
A look into the future...
For future dentists, there are approximately 161 job offerings.
What is the work environment like?
As a dentist, you are always working indoors with your client in your office.
Work Cited
world a
to smile
The realistic life with this job
You will have enough money to pay bills and do basic every day things and have spending money for whatever you want and be able to go to the vacations you want.
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