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Welcome to Technology Class

No description

Amy Sullivan

on 18 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Technology Class

Log on, off, password. Click on video 1, then 2, then 3. Then next.
Class Procedures
Finished Early?
Class Policies: Read and know these!
321-723-1055 Ext. 5039
Recipe for a great learning adventure:

Follow all classroom rules and procedures.
Safety = Security
Always walk in our classroom.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Sit properly in your chair (all chair legs on the floor + your feet on the floor.)
Keep password private.
Friendly = Respect
Wait your turn to speak. (Don't interrupt.)
Only speak kindly to others.
Pay attention when someone is addressing the class.
Be careful with equipment and your work area.
Do your best work.
Our Goal This Year:
Develop and use 21st century learning skills.
Welcome to Technology Class
Need a break? Or want to get out of your seat to help another student?

1. Use help signal (Yellow)
2. Wait until I look at you.

3. Use gestures to communicate with
A. Restroom is crossed fingers.
B. Stand/stretch is thumbs up and gesture like you want to stand up
C. Water is holding three fingers in the shape of a W to your chin,
D. Pencil, paper, etc. is pretending to write.
E. Help another student is: make a fist with one hand, with your thumb pointing up.
Tap your fist into your other hand and "point" (with your thumb) to the person who
needs help. (I can show you this one. Other signs are posted on wall.)
Now, click on the links below to complete the student information form, feedback form, and practice your typing. Do these in order (1, 2, then 3.)
Questions, comments, concerns:

Please feel free to leave me a note in the Parking Lot, speak to me after class, or e-mail me @ sullivan.amy@brevardschools.org
Enter room quietly. Go to assigned seat. Look on board for Warm Up. Get started on Warm Up.
Computer problems:
1. Try to figure out on your
own: re-read, look
around, think.
2. Ask another student for
3. Use help signal (Yellow)
End of class:

1. Wait for teacher to announce clean up.
2. Save work.
3. Close all open windows or programs.
4. Log out of computer.
5. Check/clean up work area.(Headphones go
on desk to left of laptop.)
6. Wait quietly for your row to be called.
7. When row called, stand up, push in your
chair and stand behind it.
8. When called to line up, move to line quickly
and quietly.
Click on the stickers to view videos of logging off and logging on and changing your password.
1. Click below to finish completing the student info. form:
3. Practice logging off, restarting the computer and changing your password, like you saw
in the videos. If you are not sure how to do this, use the back arrow or zoom to to back
to the laptop and review the videos that are on the laptop cover in this presentation.
2. Click on the link below to fill out the feedback form for today's lesson:
Intro. video: Click on the sceen
to play video.
4. When you finish everything else, you can practice your typing by clicking on the link
below. Watch the class timer and please be sure to close out of all browser
windows, log off and restart the computer when we have 5 minutes left on the timer.
5. Have a great day and see you next week! :-) Ms.
Extra keyboarding lessons: If you are a beginner, start here:
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