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The Dirt Diary by Anna Staniszewski

No description

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of The Dirt Diary by Anna Staniszewski

The Dirt Diary by Anna Staniszewski
In the middle of the book Steve Muller asks Rachel to spy on Briana. He does that because he thinks Briana is cheating on him. Rachel wasn't so sure she wanted to do it but then Steve says that he will pay her $10 each time she see's some thing suspicious she agreed to spy on Briana. He was correct that Briana is cheating on him but Rachel made Steve dump her. Briana was really happy when he dumped her!
The way Rachel solves her first problem of earning back the money she stole is by working with her mom in a cleaning business. The way the second problem of having Briana Riley stop bullying her was solved was by Brianas best friend Caitlyn stood up to Briana with out anyone asking her to
The setting takes place during the school year. The characters are usually either at school or at Rachel's moms clients house
Main Characters and about them
In the end of the book Rachel suspects that her mom and her principal are dating. She obviously freaks out about that. Also in the end of the book Andrew asks Rachel to help in his zombie film that he is doing for a contest at a film camp
Main Problem
There are two big problems in this book one of them is that Rachel needs to get $287.22 in one month. The reason for that is because she took that much money out of her collage account to buy a plane ticket. The other problem is that Briana Riley bully's Rachel all through the school year.
In the beginning of the book Rachel gets mad at her dad for going to Florida and leaving behind her and her mom. She also gets mad at him because he didn't call or send a check to Rachel and her mom when he was suppose to. Plus her and Marisol gets into a huge fight
Realistic Fiction
One of the main characters is Rachel, she is a shy teenager that is afraid to speak her mind. Another main character is Marisol she is Rachel's best friend. Marisol likes sewing and having her own style. the last main character is Briana, she is a softball player. She thinks high if her self and is a big bully
2 reasons to read
You should read this book if your into baking ( it could give you some tips ). Another reason to read this book is because if you want to know what a teenage life is like its a perfect book for you

I connect with this book because I once read a book called Going Vintage and it is simialer in many ways to The Dirt Diary,
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