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Copy of READ 180 from Scholastic, Inc.

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Robert Williams

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of READ 180 from Scholastic, Inc.

Who needs READ 180?
"An intensive reading intervention program designed to meet the needs of students who are reading below grade level. The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive instructional software, high-interest fiction and nonfiction, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills."
(READ 180 T.I.G. - p. 8)
Students who are:
>1-2 or more grade levels below in reading level.
>Made a level 1, 2, or low 3 on EOGs.
>Struggling with reading comprehension (Read 180) or decoding (System 44) as evidenced by classroom performance.
Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) - Students are formatively assessed at the beginning of the year to determine reading(Lexile)level and its grade level equivalent. This assessment will be given 3 times during the year to determine progress in reading levels.
This information is used for:
> Placement in rotational groups
> Initializing software to set to individual student's reading levels
> Determining reading level for choosing independent reading books
> Creating ongoing data to monitor student progress
Students scoring a reading (Lexile) level of 400 or less take the Scholastic Phonics Inventory (SPI) to determine if they need System 44 to help with decoding/phonics skills.
READ 180:

Other Assessments
& Data via SAM
* Scholastic Reading Counts! Quiz - taken at the completion of an independent reading book. Similar to AR test in that the student is asked 10 comprehension questions with 4 multiple choice answers to select from. Must make at least 70% to pass. May retake quiz one more time to attempt passing score.

* rSkills Test - A summative assessment administered at the completion of each of the 9 Workshop in the rBook. Used to assess student mastery of comprehension and vocabulary skills from the Workshops. Usually 4 administrations per year. May be taken on the computer or by paper copy.
* SAM (Scholastic Achievement Manager) - Records and manages a vast variety of data from the READ 180 system of everything each student generates while using the software. SAM provides over 60 different printable reports that can be used for student progress monitoring, documentation purpoes, IEP Goals, conferencing, grading, and letters for informing/updating parents or guardians about their student(s) progress.
Proven Results:
"Research has proved that READ 180 works. Students who enter the program unable to read consistently become successful readers. After ten years of studies in association with Vanderbilt University and more that ten years of successful implementation in schools, READ 180 has brought significant gains in reading proficiency to the students who need it most." (READ 180 T.I.G. - p. 8)
Scholastic Incorporated. READ 180:
Teacher Implementation Guide.
U.S.A.: Scholastic Inc., 2005. Print.

"A Proven Instructional Model."
Scholastic Inc., 2011-1996. Web. 04
Sept. 2011.
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