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Next Plc

No description

Laura Rowe

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Next Plc

Next Plc
Business contact groups
Page 3 & 6 - 500 stores in the UK, 5 new stores in the UK in the last year, Next Directory.
Page 15 - Price increase. Rivals can be prepared for possible increase in their own sales.
Page 3 - 3.1% growth in sales, Page 8 - Increased popularity in Childrenswear and Home products. Products liked.
Page 4 - 10.7% increase in profit after tax can give lenders confidence that Next has the funds to repay them.
Thank you for listening

Page 8 - Quality of stock.
Page 15 - Potential rise in product price over the next year.
Page 9 - Good credit sales. Should be able to continue paying on credit.
Page 5 - More investment in Autumn collection. More business for suppliers and manufacturers. (Also good for customers)
Page 9 - Rivals can find out what is or isn't working for Next. Sales analysis.
Top 12
Rating Agencies
Such as 'CreditSafe' and 'Dun and Bradstreet'.
Whole report - Rating Agencies will look at the numerical tables in the report to assign a credit rating. This will be used to write a report available to other companies.
Actual or Potential Joint Venture Partners, Franchisors or Franchisees
Page 4 - These will be interested to know if Next Plc is a suitable company to continue/begin a partnership with.
Page 8 - Improved UK Delivery service.
By Lexer Lavu
Qing Zhu
Laura Rowe
Khloud Alshahrani
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