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Global Business

No description

Monica Roman

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Global Business

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com

Grupo Bimbo
The global economy
Cultural Forces

Day-to day behavior of people according to their traditions, norms & taboos
Global business is the buying & selling of goods & services by people from different countries
Unintended consequence: puts different societies & cultures in much greater direct contact with one another.
Managing Globally
Foreign exchange rates
Information Technology
Time Orientation
Cultural Distance
Global economic trends
- Borderless organizations
- importance of imports & exports
- global sourcing of parts

Exports & imports vs.
Gross Domestic Product
world wide communication
-increase wireless networks
- global sourcing of parts
Effective corporate governance
adoption of market-based cultures
strong legal frameworks
(no bribery nor corruption)
World wide labor pool
Skilled, technical personnel
Western cultures: change can be shaped & controlled by individuals to achieve their goals.
Non-Western cultures: change is part of evolution of humans & universe
"Time is gold"
"There is more time than life"
Acts to bind or separate
Feedback to employees
Unintended or hidden meaning in translation
Political-Legal Forces
Political Risk
Grease Payments
an alliance of producers engaged in the same type of business that is formed to limit or eliminate competition and control production and prices.
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