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Star Formation

No description

Ben Shloky

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Star Formation

Star Formation
Stat Formation
Astronomers Oswalt, Wood, Smith, and Hitnzen have studied white dwarf stars and have found that their can be estimated by their cooling rate. The oldest is the coolest, and this information can . . . and here is the rest of the story.
The astronomers Oswalt, Smith, Wood, and Hintzen helped change what we inow about the universe.
The astonomers discovered that the age of a white dwarf can be found and corresponds to the temperature of the white dwarf star.
The group of four astronomers did their research during 1996
Oswalt, Smith, Wood, and Hintzen made their observations in Melbourne, Florida, the same city that Florida Institute of Technology, the same place that Oswalt teaches, is located.
This discovery is important because if we know the ahe of the oldest stars, then we know the universe must be older than that age.
The discovery was made using highly powerful optical telescopes.
Interesting Fact
Some scientists have created a theory that states that after a white dwarf fully burns out it turns into a black dwarf.
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