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Copy of Analysis of The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher

Analysis of Drama

Kate Amundson

on 9 October 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Analysis of The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher

by Lucille Fletcher
The Hitchhiker
I can analyze how differences
in point of view create
or humor
Learning Target
Radio Play
Prediction Chart
Challenge #1
An advance sign or
warning of what is to come
in the future.
Writing Challenge Options:
Option A-
Write a postcard from Ronald's perspective to his mother.
Option B-
Create a Wanted poster for the The Hitchhiker.
Option C-
Write a short poem about Ronald's experience.

Radio Plays depended on dialogue, music, and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters and story. The stories could be for children, funny, serious, scary, or suspenseful.

Make predictions about the outcome of the story
Every day, shortly after sunset, Americans would pull their chairs up to this little box and spend a delightful evening.
Magically, fiction was made to
come alive on programs such as Escape, The Shadow, Suspense,
and The Whistler.
Who is Lucille Fletcher?
-born in Brooklyn, NY
-typed radio plays at CBS
-film and television scriptwriter
-known for suspense scripts

When television was still an unrealized dream,
what stirred the imagination was a piece of furniture, about the size of a picnic basket, called the radio.
Be prepared to provide evidence for your conclusions.
1. What is a hitchhiker?

A hitchhiker is a person who seeks
a ride from an individual, usually a
stranger, in an automobile or other
road vehicle
Evidence should be based on the text & your knowledge.
What is the setting?
Set in the 1940s, the main character is going on a road trip from Brooklyn to California
Who are the main characters?
His mother-worried about her son
The Hitchhiker-a mysterious figure who shows up throughout the story
What are some slang words?
Dogs- a person's feet
Junction- point where two sets of railroad tracks join
Willies-feeling of nervousness; jitters
Lark-good time; spree

Imagine that the hitchhiker appeared again at the end of the play and delivered his lines in the form of a poem.

Write the poem he would recite to Adams, explaining to his listener what has happened to him and his destination.
Poetic Challenge
We will work on...

Writing Activity
People working in radio were in
charge of:
Writing Scripts
Voicing characters
Creating music
Making sound effects
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