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Barbara Carpena

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Microteaching

Importance of making meaningful, dynamic, challenging activities.

The topic motivates children to consolidate mathematical operations.

The use of new ICT tools (Glogster) promotes digital competence and team work.

The CLIL unit helps students to develop useful social abilities, such as how to use money. Money, Money, Money... Introduction Assessment 2nd cycle: 3rd year Currency: notes and coins (England, the US,
China, India, Morocco, Europe) CLIL Aims Mathematical competence

Competence in linguistic communication

Social competence and citizenship

Processing information and digital competence

Competence in learning how to learn

Competence in autonomy and personal initiative Competences Activities Sequence Rubrics Chart
Continuous Assessment
Team work
Participation in class Grade Areas Maths, English, Geography,
Social Sciences Topic Money and Market Activity 1: Story Activity 2: Money Race!!! Activity 3:
Making riddles Conclusions http://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/ Basic sums (addition, subtraction) with money in a real situation (market) Oral communication Language structures Previous and new knowledge Interaction between students & teacher – students 2 teams (5 people) with all the currencies

Teacher shows one currency

Each team take the correct currency and run to stick it on the correct country

Correct sentence = 1 point In (country) they have got (currency) It is a (coin / note)
Its shape is (a rectangle / circle)
Its colour is ______________
and there is / are a _____ and a _______

What is it? Extra clue: In the (country) they have got it!!! http://domo.goanimate.com/movie/0V6pI6FrqMRU/0/email Is it a coin
or a note? Name:
Details: What can
you see? What shape
is it? Name:
Details: Name:
Details: Name:
Details: Name:
Details: Dirham Morocco Silver Circle The are two dates
(1974-1394) What is it? Where have
they got it? Rupee India Name:
Details: Euro Europe Yuan Gold & Silver Red Circle Rectangle China Red There is the
king of Spain Rectangle What colour
is it? There is a picture
of a president. There is a satellite Circle Silver United Kingdom Pound There is the queen
of UK Dollar The United States of America Grey & green Rectangle This is George Washington. A penny is one cent.
(stamp your foot)
A nickel is five.
(slap your thigh)
A dime is ten cents.
(clap your hands)
A quarter twenty-five.
(snap fingers over your head)
How many cents have I on this try? CHANT Bàrbara Carpena
Jia Jia Chen
Helena Martín
Núria Pérez Target language It is /is it?
There is/there are In... they have got....
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