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In Their Words

Face-to-Face Workshop

High Specialist

on 4 February 2010

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Transcript of In Their Words

By the end of the session, users will know how to use and navigate the In Their Words web site particularly for the purpose of teaching cross-curricular lessons.
I am ready for a break! I have basically no knowledge of the In Their Words Web site. People Search
Answer only ONE questions on the sheet provided. Then, find other people who have answered different questions than the one you answered to help you fill out the remainder of the sheet. Write the name of the person out beside the question they help you answer. Agenda http://www.intheirwords.org/ People Search
1. stock market
2. National Socialist German Workers Party
3. Manchuria
4. fire
5. Nuremberg Laws
6. Germany, Italy, Japan
7. China
8. Munich Conference
9. Phony War
10. neutral
11. China
12. Selective Service Act
13. oil
14. submarine
15. December 7, 1941
16. Japanese
17. Final Solution to the Jewish Problem
18. Doolittle Raid
19. Midway
20. Manhattan Project
21. D-Day
22. kamikaze
23. Iwo Jima
24. Harry S. Truman
25. Victory in Europe Day
26. Little Boy
27. Fat Man
Expected Outcomes Participants will be able to: 1. Know how to use the In Their Words
web site to meet Arkansas state frameworks
in more than one subject area 2. Locate specific framework-related content on the In Their Words web site 3. Demonstrate how to create a model lesson using the In Their Words web site 4. Examine oral history interviews
to develop Trunk Sheets that incorporate all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy 5. Evaluate oral histories to
determine how they can be used to meet Arkansas state
frameworks 6. Prepare cross-curricular lessons that include Trunk Sheets and writing prompts using oral histories on the In Their Words web site Orientation
Foundational Knowledge
Exploration of Web Site Features
Model Lesson
Trunk Sheet Development
Processing/Reflecting/Sharing Model Lesson Trunk Sheet
Development What tips/suggestions would you need to give your students when they complete this assignment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this assignment in groups/independently? Discuss how each question moves through the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. What do you need to think about before you develop your own Trunk Sheet?
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