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Advertising e-Book

No description

Shane LaChance

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertising e-Book

Advertising e-Book MKT 467 - Dr. Kefallonitis Shane LaChance Welcome to my Advertising e-Book, It consists of a Collection of Ads which I have compiled from various mediums including: PRINT ONLINE TV OUTDOOR Each advertisement has received an in-depth Analysis and evaluation of Effectiveness . Be sure to turn on volume, presentation includes video 1 Anytime Fitness Published: September 2012 Ad Agency:
Gabriel deGrood Bendt At first glance I noticed that the print is divided into two sections. The top section displays the top half of the father holding his son in the air and caring for him. The bottom section shows the bottom half at the father working out on a medicine ball. The two sections come together to show the viewer that the man is able to complete both activities. The busy lifestyle is being represented in this ad and connects with those who balance health, work and family. The main message is that if you are an individual who works on a tight schedule, than you will feel comfortable at Anytime Fitness. The intended audience is active and young-middle aged people with a family. The signifier of this at is the line dividing the man with his child and the man working out. The signified is just that, the division between family time and time to keep healthy. Analysis: Anytime Fitness uses quality lighting and color distribution to make this ad ‘pop’. It’s appealing to the eye, which would grab a reader’s attention who is skimming through a magazine. The message of this ad is clear and one that provides inspiration that others use the gym to juggle family and health. I would enlarge the logo to allow the reader to recognize Anytime Fitness’s identity. Effectiveness: 8.0 2 The opening of this ad looks like it could be out of the ultimate heist film. Suspenseful music along with distinctive sound effects demand the viewer’s attention in anticipation of an armor truck robbery. It turns out this robbery was instead just an illusion of the driver’s imagination. The product itself, the Audi S8 is featured driving away from the scene of the imaginary crime. The fantasy being promoted is one of a daring bank robber you would see in the movies. The message being displayed is that if you drive an Audi S8, your everyday errands will become thrilling. The intended audience of this commercial would be middle-aged males with professional careers. The signifier would be the ‘get away car’ or Audi S8 and the signified would be the excitement that is generated from operating the vehicle. Analysis: Effectiveness: 9.5 Audi created a masterpiece of a commercial in my eyes. The emotion of suspense displayed in this ad is undeniable to viewers. Production quality is that right out of a Hollywood movie. Once the female enters the vehicle from grabbing coffee it’s apparent that the scene was merely imagination. The same imagination every male experiences after watching a heist movie. Highly effective. Audi S8 Title: 'Suspect'
Ad Agency: Venables Bell & Partners 3 Carnival Cruiselines Location:
New York, NY Ad Agency:Arnold Worldwide Analysis: Effectiveness: Carnival Cruislines’ outdoor advertisement located on the side of a NYC building is one that is hard to ignore. The billboard displays a visual of a massive water slide scaling from the steps of a fire escape. The written text at the top of the slide displays that the waterpark goes to the Bahamas year-round from NYC. Tropical blue skies along with bright fun colors make the waterpark attractive to its audience who passes by the advertisement. The fantasy getaway to a tropical island is what is being promoted. The message of this outdoor ad to passer-byers is to look into cruises leaving from NYC to the Bahamas to have fun and escape. The signifier of this ad is the gigantic waterslide, which is hard to miss. The signified is the fantasy of escaping everyday life to have fun. 9.0 Whether you pass by this ad everyday on the way to work or you are a tourist seeing it for the first time, one thing is for sure; it’s difficult not to grab your attention. It provides its audience with a mental picture of what their escape ‘could’ look like. This entices people to find out more about cruises shipping off to tropical islands. Carnival did a great job by making paradise seem so close since you are physically able to walk the steps of the pictured waterslide. 4 Trident White Published: February 2012 Ad Agency: JWT / New York, NY Analysis: Effectiveness: 8.5 A white coffee cup on a table in a café which has a face sketched on it in marker is the first thing I notice when viewing this Trident White print ad. I then notice the cardboard coffee cover is covering the sketched face’s smile. The entire focus of the ad is on this individualized coffee cup with the backdrop of the café blurred out. The main message Trident is displaying is that coffee drinkers no longer have to block their smile with coffee stains since their product will keep your teeth white. The audience that this print ad intends to reach are the everyday coffee drinkers. The fantasy of being able to drink coffee while having white teeth is what triggers readers to learn more. The signifier is the cup of coffee with a concerned face and the signified is the need for coffee drinkers to whiten teeth. Trident White chose to exploit a concern among many coffee drinkers, which is the yellow staining of their teeth or bad breath. Having the background blurred out allows viewers to look directly at the message. The cup of coffee with a coffee cover is something that many professionals are familiar with and encounter on a daily basis. This ad embeds a concern of ‘is my smile being blocked?’ to its readers. 5 ESPN Title: Michael Jordan Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Analysis: Effectiveness: 9.0 This 30-second TV spot starts with an average white mail checking into a doctor’s office claiming his name is ‘Michael Jordan’. The ad continues to feature instances when the man is expected to be the basketball-great Michael Jordan but in turn is greeted with disappointment. The message behind this ad is showing how powerful the role of sports has on our society. ESPN is promoting the sports fan lifestyle and concludes the commercial with text saying ‘It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports’. This ad’s intended audience are sports fans of all ages, predominantly those who are closely familiar with the sports-figure Michael Jordan. The signifier in this spot would be the name ‘Michael Jordan’, while the signified would be the expressions of disappointment when the people realize the man is not in fact ‘Michael Jordan’. Once again, ESPN effectively display their sense of humor with this amusing commercial of a man being mistaken for the famous Michael Jordan. When I first viewed this ad I immediately laughed and thought to myself that these occurrences were quite possible. Then I realized the connection that sports really do play a large part in our society. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 New York Lottery Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: An out-of-place helicopter in the parking lot of a supermarket is what readers notice first in this New York Lottery printed ad. What is for many an extravagant way to travel is portrayed as a routine trip to the grocery store for this everyday family. The important element of this ad is that this family is wealthy enough to use a helicopter for daily errands. The fantasy of becoming extremely rich is what NY Lottery is showing its audience. Their message is that by playing the Lottery you have the opportunity to not only become rich but, ‘this kind of rich’. The intended audience of this ad is ordinary families with desires to gain wealth. The signifier is the helicopter parked in the lot of a grocery store. The signified is the fantasy of winning the Lottery and living an extravagant lifestyle. The color red and the position of the helicopter allow it to be the first thing people notice when viewing this print. Next, they notice it has landed in front of a supermarket and that a mother of two operates it. The family seems to be going about there business as if nothing was out of the ordinary. This irony provides readers with jealousy and optimism to one day become this rich. 8.5 Ad Agency:
DDB / New York, NY Microsoft Explorer Published:
January 2013 Ad Agency:
Column Five /
Newport Beach, CA This commercial begins with soothing music and a young narrator reminiscing about fads and trends growing up in the 90s. As he continues to remember of ‘what used to be’ visuals of are displayed in front of colored backgrounds to provide viewers a flash back. Microsoft does not provide much information about the new Internet Explorer, but rather tried to connect with generation Y on a personal level. The main message Microsoft is trying to portray is that they grew up along side this generation. Their concluding statement is ‘You grew up, So did we” which implies that over the years Explorer has advanced at the same time children of the 90s have advanced. The intended audience is verbally stated in the ad, generation Y or children of the 90s. The signifier in this ad would be the personal objects which are displayed while the signified would be growing up in the 90s. 7.5 Microsoft Explorer attempted to connect with their target audience, generation Y, which I believed worked through this ad. The references of childhood toys, gadgets and trends immediately resonate with the young adults who grew up in that era. The one downfall of this commercial is that Microsoft does not explain how Explorer has ‘grown up’ and failed to mention its new features. Making the remembrance part of the ad shorter, followed by specific descriptions of new features would strengthen this ad’s effectiveness. HABD Organization:
Hellenic Association of Blood Donors (HABD) Published: January 2013 Ad Agency: Spot JWT /
Athens, Greece Coming inward from the left of the page features Spiderman’s arm in position to shoot his famous web. This is what immediately caught my eye to view the ad. I then noticed that rather than the superhero’s web coming out of his arm, it was an IV to donate blood. This image is in front of a grey gradient backdrop to assure that it is the focal point of the ad. The message from displayed Spiderman giving blood is that you too can be a superhero and save someone’s life. This ad would be most effective on adults who grew up reading Spiderman comics and once fantasized about being the superhero. The signifier of the print ad is Spiderman giving blood and the signified is that anyone can save a life by donating. This print ad was effective for me since I grew up with a close familiarity with Spiderman comics. The message from the HABD resonated with me immediately and raised the importance of donating blood. One suggestion I would make is to enlarge the text stating ‘You can be someone’s superhero!’ since I believe it’s a powerful statement and message. 8.0 Apple iPhone Title: 'Discover' Ad Agency: TBWA\ Media Arts Lab
Los Angeles, CA 8.5 The very beginning of this commercial rapidly lists a number of verbs that describe the ability of the product. The group of people shouting the verb ‘rock!’ starts the up-beat music, which carries on through the ad. During this time, the camera’s view is set on different sets of hands displaying the capabilities of the product. The iPhone itself is always front and center making it the focal point of the entire ad. The message of the ad is that this product alone will provide you with a variety of abilities you can’t find in other phones. The intended audience of this commercial is primarily young, current and tech-savy individuals. The signifier would be the demonstration of the product’s features while the signified would be the abundant capabilities of the iPhone. White background, black font and POV product demonstration has become the traditional make-up of an Apple commercial. You would think it would get old, except every time new and exciting features are displayed by a set of hands making it look simple. It’s almost impossible to become intrigued while at the same time tapping your foot. McDonalds At a quick glance, you may find it odd that two billboards for the same company are displayed next to each other but this is no mistake at all. The billboard to the right shows that it is just meters closer to McDonalds than the left. This creates the message that with every step, you are one step closer to McDonalds. The idea is that, if every meter counts as something than it must be good. The intended audience for this outdoor advertisement are regular McDonald eaters and people who easily recognize the global identity. The signifier is the back-to-back signs notifying distance away from McDonalds. The signified is the importance of every meter being closer to satisfaction. The golden arches showed their humor in this outdoor ad. The idea is so simple yet very clever. It reminded me of childhood vacations and on the car ride there saying ‘Are we their yet?’ almost every two seconds. This is the same idea, the destination being a place of satisfaction and fun and the sign representing that urgency to be there already. 9.5 Published: June 2009 Ad Agency: DDB Denmark Analysis: Effectiveness: Analysis: Effectiveness: Toyota Rav4 At first look of this advertisement I noticed the red SUV to the left of the page followed by what seem to be factory workers using bumper cars to assemble the vehicle. The important elements of this ad are the product itself, the workers having fun and the sleek yet simple factory. These three elements create a message that Toyota engineers had fun while building the product. This message infers that the Rav4 must be fun to drive. Toyota uses the slogan ‘Fungineered’ to reiterate that the Rav4 was built on ‘fun’. The appearance of the factory assumes the product was built with precision and care. The intended audience is middle-income families who need the added space of an SUV. Toyota’s use of bumper cars brought me back to my childhood when I rode bumper cars at the fair or amusement parks. This recollection of childhood brings the reader a sense of fun and enjoyment. That’s exactly what they want you to feel when operating their vehicle. I like their slogan ‘Fungineered’ since it zeros in on their main message of amusement. Title: Fungineered Ad Agency: Drive dentsu / Dubai Histor Paint 3M Wheat Thins Mothers Published: December 2011 Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather /
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Product: Security Glass Location: Canada Title: 'Night Vision' Ad Agency: BEING / New York, NY Published: January 2013 Ad Agency: O'Leary & Partners If I were flipping through a magazine and happen to come across this Histor Paints advertisement I would notice the color strips folded in the shape of a set of stairs. The background is a simple light blue with a white gradient. This assures the reader’s full attention on the staircase of paint strips. Each stair is a different shade of blue, which allows Histor to feature multiple product colors. This message behind using a staircase is to persuade the viewer to think about improving their home. A staircase is part of a home, which doesn’t usually receive much attention. Histor uses it as the center of attention, which lets the viewer understand that their staircase can be more than just a set of stairs. The expected audience is home improvers and do-it-yourselfers. The signifier in this ad is the paint strips in the shape of stairs and the signified is the message of your walls potentials, especially near your stairs. The excellent distribution and use of color is what drove me to this advertisement. The way the steps go from the darker colors being at the bottom, fading into the light colors on top provides depth to the ad. Histor does a good job of using the samples which people will be interacting with in home improvement or paint stores. This allows the customer to become more familiar with Histor’s product. Their Logo and text is too small. So small that I had to zoom in to read it. This outdoor ad is located in Canada and challenges anyone walking by to test the security glass enclosing the abundance of money. If you are walking down this street and happen to see this exhibit next to a bus stop I’m sure a number of questions would go through you mind. The one question that 3M wants you to think is ‘is that glass really that strong?’ The message of this display is to show off their security glass’ superior capabilities. By daring any one person to try and break this glass, it produces an image of cockiness and confidence in their product. The intended audience is companies or individuals in need of unbreakable glass. If 3M is confident their glass will hold up to that amount of money then you should be confident that it will serve your needs. If I am walking down a street and happen to see a dollar bill I become ecstatic, I believe everyone does over free money. If I happened to be walking the street of Canada and came across this, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t give it a little knock. I doubt 3M would use real money but the idea of displaying a common source of theft and enclosing it with the security of their product allows others to believe in the glass. A man using night vision goggles to keep an eye on his favorite snack is the scene for this commercial. When the wife asks her husband what he is doing, he provides a description of the product. The man’s obsession over the snack has him worried someone will try and take them. When the lights go out, a yeti appears attempting to take the box of snacks while the man tries to wrestle him down. The message of this humorous ad is to show that if this man goes to through these lengths to protect his Wheat Thins than they must taste good. The target audience of this ad are those who purchase snacks the most, which are young to middle-agers who have families. The signifier is the man’s needed security of his box of spicy buffalo Wheat Thins and the signified is the assumption that Wheat Thins must be good. When I first saw this commercial I was watching TV by myself and laughed out loud. The oddity of a man sitting in the safety of his own home keeping eye on his box of crackers is too funny. This humor is what grabbed my attention. The creative team behind this piece of work succeeded in creating a hilarious scene and strengthening the importance of their product in the eyes of viewers. Mothers Car Polish created this ad featuring a father cleaning his prized possession hot rod with cases of bottled water. This situation immediately seems unordinary since normal car owners would just use a garden hose. Instead, this car fanatic is using drinking water while his daughter stands off to the side drinking out of a hose, which increases the irony. The shining red car owns the stage in this ad and is where the man places his full attention. The message is that Mothers car polish is created for people who obsess about their car’s appearance. The intended audience is avid car lovers and owners. The signifier is the hot rod being cleaned with quality water. The signified is that if this car fanatic uses Mothers to polish his car than it must be the best. I will admit that I am not in the category of car fanatics but this print still had an effect on me. I imagine for a serious car enthusiast that this advertisement would do even more. I consider this ad to be flawless with multiple elements. The first is the obvious, the man using the water to rinse the car. The second is the discrete display of the product in the lower left-hand corner and the third is the daughter sipping water from the garden hose. Overall a well-orchestrated print. 9.5 9.5 10.0 6.5 7.0 The End
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