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Cheng-Luen Hsueh

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of 異質空間

異質空間 Heterotopia
Heterotopias as places of change and recombination

台北101 到都市設計與建築的實踐
Heterotopias of crisis

Heterotopias of deviance

Heterotopias of illusion

安置 emplacement
基地間關係 relation between 'sites'
擴張 extension
displacement in system of emplacement
compression in system of extension
處理 自願性束縛、斷裂 ( 自由的幻覺/'site'之間的聯結下 與大系統鏡射/翻轉 )
disjunction/ voluntary servitude/ disconnection (mirroring/inverting larger system concerned w/ illusion of freedom and connective relationships between 'site')
三個系統 的反轉邏輯
飛域/聚落 邏輯主導
H1 差異包含在都市内
口語/書寫 式的回饋
聚落+骨架 複合重組/分配都市
異質空間 邏輯主導
電子 式的回饋/重整
骨架 邏輯主導
H2 差異排除到都市外
機械 式的回饋

補償性 compensatory

虚幻性 illusory

H1 = ( d + i )
deviance + illusion contained
Actors and City Codes Recombos.

Archi Citta= E /A+H1= hard boiled egg
H1 in Archi Citta=D+I

Code reversal
H2=D/I sort flow
Cine Citta= A/E+H2=fried egg

Code reversal
H3=I/D Sorts Illusion
Tele Citta= H3/A+E=scrambled egg
Choay example; Medieval city code “Syntagmatic”, neighbor to neighbor, there fore anything larger with an overview or taking longer than a life time, outside of one life time (“Diachronic”) is heterotopic, eg: castles, cathedrals, walls of cities, monasteries et, hospitals, almshouses maintained by monastic system.
Code reversals and inversions in heterotopias from H1-H2-H3; heterotopias as places of change allowing shifts between various heterotopias and shifts between Lynch’s three great normative models, here described as archi citta, cine citta and tele citta following Young Planners Conference Delft 2001. The three “M”s. Foucualt’s emphasis on the “Mirror function” of the heterotopia in reversing the dominant code of any spatial system or order. Foucault’s emphasis on the second m, the multiplicity of heterotopias as ambiguous and multi-faceted places with multiple actors at work inside them. Finally Foucault’s vison of the heterotopia as a miniature of the larger, surrounding society, but with codes altered.
Based on Janet Abu-Lughod; before European Hegemony (1986). Redrawn by Manolo Ufer. Wallerstein’s defintion of World-systems, hyphen is important, world-economy, world-empire; “These terms are related. A world-system is not the system of the world, but a system that is a world, and that can be, and most often has been, located in an area less than the entire globe. World-systems analysis argues that the unities of social reality within which we operate, whose rules constrain us, are for the most part such world-systems.” Compare to “life-world” concept.
H1 =(D+I). Merchants house in protestant Amsterdam with hidden catholic chapel and priest’s apartment. Hidden exceptions within the city fabric allow public space of city to remain pure and dominated by a single order. Classical Ghettoes belong to this same typology at eh scale of the city block.
巣状的 聚落與骨架


Medieval Town
H1= English prison on Borough High Street inside city, normal row house and yard typology used.
H1=Venetian prison inside a palazzo,inside city, normal typology used.
Newgate Prison analysis of use of rooms over gate into London; includes a tap room (bar) for use by prisoners who took their families there to live with them while they paid off debts and not allowed to go out. Strong rooms on top floor with chapel. Multiple staircases. Debtors lived in apartments off communal rooms on each floor. Communal room called “Dice Rooms” where people passed the time playing dice.
猶太會堂 四個族群分別

Italian Synagogues
H2=D/I From Robin Evans the Manufacture of Virtue, study of Bentham’s Panopticon against the background of English prison reform movement around 1800. Prison moved outside city. Isolation of each prisoner so cannot corrupt each other in chapel or exercise yard as pubic spaces, even recognize each other as wear masks to exercise, goal of reforming human nature through architecture of isolation, central, hidden goaler as coordinating clock with communications through voice tubes. Reformers prefer star configuration that echoes boulevard plans of cities in great avenues of cells.
H3; Au Bonne Marche Department Store Paris. Glass and steel construction of atrium with galleries looking down, spectacle and display of goods from all over the globe, based on great Exhibition of 1851 Crystal Palace London. Vertical armature in atrium space compressed into city block
H3; rem Koolhaas; Delirious New York, skyscraper section as recombinant machine, heterotpia of illusion, sports club with facilties, including swimming pool, golf course, shooting range, on every floor, surreal juxtapositions in section, echoes Boyarsky Chcago a la Carte layered, three dimensional city section idea. Oblivious of social ostracism that lead to construction, new immigrants not accepted at WASP clubs on Ffifth Avenue so build their own downtown palace that exceeds the old model. Decays with collapse of this prohibition, now being converted to condominium apartments and lofts. For long time survived on Heisenman Trophy royalties and from tv rights from prize giving night in bar on third floor, but 9/11 meant had to hold this media bonanza in Yale Club and never recovered.
世界體系理論World-systems: 自成世界的系統
Janet Abu-Lughod;
before European Hegemony (1986)

核心 與 邊陲概念



Françoise Choay:
中古世紀城市語法:neighbor to neighbor的關係

語法之外的 heterotopias:
從整體看 比較大的、保持比生命週期更久的

社會住宅 almshouse(十世紀)、
H1= Discipline + Illusion= Deviance
Museum Amstelkring,
"Our Lord in the Attic", 1661
威尼斯猶太人聚集區 Ghetto
Leuven, Belgium
Market core

Leuven, Belgium
English prison on Borough High Street
Newgate Prison
gate into London;

bar for use by prisoners w/ their families to live with them
not allowed to go out.

Strong rooms on top floor with chapel.

Multiple staircases.

Debtors lived in apartments off communal rooms on each floor.

Communal room called “Dice Rooms” for playing dice.
H2 = d / i
heterotopia 的兩個重組元素
Bentham’s Panopticon
skyscraper 對照於 Panopticon
現代主義者的 偏差性異質空間

電梯作為垂直骨架 排序與隔離
H3 = i / d
紀律 discipline
Au Bonne Marche Department Store, Paris, 1852
rem Koolhaas; Delirious New York

運動家倶樂部:游泳池、高爾夫球場、射擊場 分布在各層樓 超現實地在剖面上疊合
與 Boyarsky 的Chicago a la Carte 層疊/三維城市剖面的想法

猶太人移民被拒後興建 > 衰敗 > 改建為私人公寓 > 作為Heisenman Trophy 頒奬轉播場所 > 911後停止
H3 = I/D Theater Heterotopia of Illusion image Palladio Theatrico Olympico, Powerful, flexible, virtual space hidden within building section. A street perspective opposite every seat, egalitarian academy of scholars.
Coop Himmelblau 的
Melun-Senart Project 1986
Dream of Three dimensional, layered, heterotpic city section.

Rhizomic assemblage of many people’s paths through city into larger complex set of facilities and spaces.

Coop Himmelblau 的 Melun-Senart Project 1986 長條形建築物之間的三維公共空間
three dimensional public space in section between building in bars.

Michale Sorkin Model City project similar section at center.

Studio Asymptote LA Gateway 三維都市剖面中的媒體螢幕與劇場
intordiction of media screens and theaters into three dimensional city section enriching new three dimensional public space.
Dream of Three dimensional, layered, heterotpic city section.
Studio Asymptote LA Gateway 三維都市剖面中的媒體螢幕與劇場
Rhizomic assemblage of many people’s paths through city into larger complex set of facilities and spaces.
Coop Himmelblau 的 Melun-Senart Project 1986 長條形建築物之間的三維公共空間
three dimensional public space in section between building in bars.
包融多重都市作用者 top-down / bottom-up 的參與

未確定的區域 允許 各種觀點、自我組織、mirror的回饋角色、重組的發生,不影響整體大系統
Palladio Theatrico Olympico 幻覺影像的異質空間
提供 彈性、虚擬空間 (透視街道)、社會科學者雕像的平等主義象徴
Emmanueal Wallerstein World-Systems analysis diagrams; Before European hegemony, European hegemony, Post-European hegemony?Flattening of world-systems by global communication systems.Drawn by Manolo Ufer. Martin/Baxi Architects analysis of flattening effect of global communications.
World-Systems analysis:

歐洲霸權之前 1250-1350

European hegemony

後歐洲霸權 WWI
Post-European hegemony

全球化通訊系統下 扁平化的世界
Flattening of world-systems by global communication systems
H3 Heterotopias of Illusion; Rhizomic assemblages already exist in commercial reality of new Los Angeles casinos such as the $1.6 billion Venetian Casino. Sectional development and forecourt development (contains Madame Taussauds and escalator ramp up to shopping). Gambiling and food court are on ground floor,with entry space, third floor has shopping mall base don Grand Canal with a Piazza San Marco replica. A multi-story car park opens out the back of the mall and above is the slab block of standard rooms with villas set in gardens on the roof instead of penthouse suites.
H3.Christiania commune in Copenhagen Denmark. Just so don’t give impression all heterotopias are about commerce and gambling, Alternative life style, own everythingin common and make decisions in common, self governing and self organizing community that has survived 45 years, now threatened with closure because eland is central now and has become valuable, beside university, new office district and opera house. Complex relations over years with police and authorities, given legal status but now withdrawn by conservative government that does not like their form of freedom, despite self organization, bike factories and new enterprises etc, etc, deep political resentment. Police removal of Pusher Street..
Venetian Casino
Las vegas的賭場(威尼斯人....): 地下莖式的集合體 Rhizomic assemblages

剖面與前廳 > 蠟像館 電扶梯道商場

賭場/美食街 > 地面層

三樓購物商場+運河 複製聖馬可廣場



幻覺的異質空間 Heterotopias of Illusion
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