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St. Nicolas

No description

daniela k

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of St. Nicolas

St. Nicolas
in the
Czech Republic

Team 4 - The Flying Feet
Team1 - The Black Fox
Team 2 - The Golden Smurfs
Team 3 - The Wild Panthers
Team 5 - The Black Tigers
St. Nicholas is wearing a white coat, a high white cap with a red cross. He has a silver crosier in the hand. Devils rattle with chain and dirty children with coal.
our sweets from St.Nicolas
St. Nicholas goes with devils and angels in the evening on 6 December from house to house. When the kids were good and tell them poem, they receive from the angels some sweets. But if the kids were bad, they give them coal and potatoes or devils put them in a bag and take to hell.
In our village Lipuvka St. Nicholas arrives in the main square. He arrives in a horse-drawn cart.
Bad children are taken by devils to the hell or they have to tell them some poem
St. Nicolas (svaty Mikulas) at our school
Devils in the streets
St. Nicolas (svaty Mikulas) at our school
Who is good whole year receives gifts
St. Nicolas angels and devils arriving on their carriage
Bad devil scares kids with the bloody axe at school
St. Nicolas in Lipuvka square
St. Nicolas wears white and red clothes, long silver stick and a book of sins.
These are our angels , devils and St. Nikolas.
They visited our school.
We get more sweets from angels.
They are our devils.They are horrible and scary. They have curly hairs , chain and sack where he puts bad boys and girls.
St.Nikolas with angels and devils visited our classroom. St.Nikolas some kids compliment. We must say short poem.
Devil's ride in the square.
St. Nicolas comes on 5thDecember. First to school and then to houses.
St. Nicolas (svaty Mikulas) at our school
Another day he comes to school and gives children some sweets, chocolate, nuts, fruit.
Good angels give sweets and chocolate to good children
First we say rhyme
and then we get
Devils, angel and St. Nicolas come to our home in the evening.
There ride St.Nikolas with angels and devils on the carriage. St.Nikolas have white full beard , long coat, long gold stick , white hair and red cap.
These are angels are nice , get us sweet.
They have big white wings and white dress
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