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Lola Wood

on 12 October 2012

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Beach Reclamation By: Brooke and Lola What is beach reclamation? Beach Reclamation is simply providing more sand for a beach that is eroding. Beaches are formed when waves crash sand and sediments and over time the sand and sediments move up the beach. How are beaches formed? ~ BY WORLDWIDE SEA LEVELS RISING
~ HUMAN ACTIVITY INTERFERING BEACHES In what ways are beaches effected? How do humans effect beaches? - Channel dredging with offshore disposal of dredged material -Jetty construction -Shoreline structures -Damming of rivers Jetties are long narrow barriers, often made of rock, which prevent waves, from washing sand into harbors. They stop beach erosion. What are Jetties? What are sea walls? Sea walls are vertical or near vertical shore parallel structures designed to prevent upland erosion and storm surge flooding HEAR IS A VIDEO ON WHY YOU SHOULD SVAE BEACHES http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/auth_dvd?work_id=18451002 Beach nourishment is a process by which sand is lost through long-shore drift or erosion is replaced from sources outside the eroding beach. What is beach nourishment?
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