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Guns N' Roses

No description

Danny Pellien

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Guns N' Roses

Interesting Facts
1.) Lead Singer- Axl Rose, Lead guitar- Slash, Guitar- Izzy Stradlin, Bass guitar- Duff McKagan,
Drummer- Steven Adler
2.) Axl Rose had a persistent stalker. Her name is Karen Jane McNeil, and she claimed to communicate with Rose through telepathy.
3.) Slash got his nickname from a family friend because he was always in a hurry.
4.) Before taking up guitar, Slash was mainly interested in BMX riding and competed at a professional level.
5.)Steve Adler was the first to leave the band, getting kicked out in 1990 when his drug abuse got out of control.
6.) In the summer of 1988, they toured as Aerosmith's opening act. It was a thrill for G N' R, since they idolized Aerosmith, and the bands got along great.
7.) Before he joined Guns 'N Roses, Axl Rose was so hard up for cash that he joined a UCLA medical study where he was paid $8 an hour to smoke cigarettes.
8.) McKagan's pancreas exploded in 1994 because of his severe drinking habits.
9.) Early in their career, they lived in a small apartment in Los Angeles they called Hell House because of alcohol, drugs, girls and all manner of sin.
10.) In 2001, Rose reformed the band with all new members
Image by Tom Mooring
Sweet Child O' Mine
Guns N' Roses
By: Danny Pellien

Form- A(Intro), B(Verse), C(Chorus W/ Solo), B, C, C, D(Solo), E(Bridge), F(Outro)
Instrumentation- Elec Guitar, Bass, Drums, Male lead vocal.
Hook- "Oh, oh, oh
Sweet child o' mine"
Riff- Guitar in A

More Facts!
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