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Techguru Project

Teaching How To Use Prezi

Yanni Cho

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Techguru Project

How To Use PREZI Zebra Tool movement size rotation additional
features appears when you click on an image or text box Text box Making one is easy- just click anywhere on the canvas! Once you've made the box you can use the tools that automatically appear.
-drag to move
-double click to edit Alignment Insert bullets Do you need more room or less? Drag this to relocate your textbox. Press this when you're done. Change the theme of the text It's similar to keynote...
except Prezi is like a large canvas
where you can zoom in and out of it during your presentation. Tool Bar It's on the top left corner, and it will always be there. You can bring an image from your computer by clicking load file. You can type the URL after clicking this, or simply enter the URL on a textbox. You can insert an arrow, lines, or highlight! bracket circle square hidden Frame Colors & Fonts Themes already made for you are available,
but you can always make your own with THEME WIZARD Using Theme Wizard, you can change your colors and font sizes with "Wizard" or Manual. Show Just press "Full Screen" and good luck on you presentation in front of your class! Insert You can insert different files and shapes You can select the path of your presentation. Path You can select a frame to group information. captures your view and creates invisible border around it used for creating presentation path example path dot: between two numbers;
used for creating path between the numbers number: is in order of the presentation;
to add path, connect by clicking on the object
(You can drag the number to a blank space to get rid of it) Extra Features zoom in & out
(can be replaced by scrolling) shows full view of the presentation click to save
(usually auto saves) undo
redo can invite others to edit online presentation print help exit Thank you for watching :D An interesting Presentation tool! by. Wendy H. & Yanni C.
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