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When We Two Parted

A Romanticism and Rock Presentation by Paul, Isaac and Ryan

Paul Schumacher

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of When We Two Parted

by George Gordon, Lord Byron Background Romantic Themes apostrophe-
1. figure of speech in which someone or something absent is being addressed b ythe author.
1. the breaking of a line or sentence between two lines.
1. a figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared using "like" or "as".
1. figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared without linking words.
end rhyme-
1. rhyming at the end of a line.
2. rhyme scheme is ABABCDCD. 1. speaker was hurt for a long time after the relationship ended.
2. speaker's lover grew more and more distant, which signaled the end was near. Natural Human Sympathy-
1. Emotions are important and should not be hidden or ignored in writing.
2. The poem is very relatable because everyone experiences similar feeelings after a break-up.

1. There is only one reference, but it shows that Lord Byron naturally connects with nature, like many other contemporary Romantic poets.
2. It also emphasizes this theme because Lord Byron is quick to compare the feeling of depression to nature. Literary Elements When We Two Parted Close Reading Stanza One Stanza Two Stanza Four StanzaThree "Pieces" Big Picture 1. Lord Byron lived from 1788 to 1824.
2. In Europe and America in the 1800's he was the most popular Romantic poet.
3. He was a very charming and good-looking man, but had a very intense personal life. 1. The cold, shocking feeling of dew on the speaker's face is similar to what he felt after the breakup.
2. His lover became famous when "light" was shed on their relationship.
3. Why is the former lover's name shameful? 1. Byron does a great job of explaining complicated emotions.
2. Major theme of the poem is the complexity of secrecy.
3. Both the song and the poem are very relatable. Stanza Four
1. Her name fills him with a feeling of sadness and dread, like finding out someone has died.
2. He regrets being with her more than even he knows. 1. He's sad that she would be willing to cheat on him.
2. A common question after breakups: what should I say of I run into this person? 1.What's the tone? What's the mood?
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