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Primary Curriculum Webquest


Jessica St.Louis

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Primary Curriculum Webquest

Questions Vermont Standards/
Grade Level Expectations Your mission Informational Resources Process Guidance Conclusion Evaluation THE END You will create a newspaper using the form of technology you have researched within your group of four. Using what you've read about and studied, both from the past and present of this technology, you will show what you've learned about it by creating the front page of a newspaper with photos and headlines describing at least four important events. You will use the website provided to create and layout your newspaper, and later share with the class the important facts you've found. OLD NEW Technology has advanced and changed over the last several decades. Both in appearances and overall quality, the technology we know and see everyday was not how it is today without the help from previous inventions. In learning about four different forms of technology - telephones, printing, typing, and transportation - you will develop an understanding of these changes and how technology was used in the past compared to today. Technology has provided the world with so much and as we take a closer look at the history and uses of these technologies, we will build an understanding of this importance. What kinds of technology were so important from the past that they are still used today? How have the inventions and past technology advanced and changed? Is the technology you're studying as influential and useful today as it was 200+ years ago? If so, how? H&SS3-4:7 - Students communicate their findings by…
Giving an oral, written, or visual presentation that summarizes their findings.

H&SS3-4:8 - Students connect the past with the present by…
Explaining differences between historic and present day objects in Vermont, and identifying how the use of the object and the object itself changed over time
Describing ways that life in the community and Vermont has both changed and stayed the same over time
Examining how events, people, problems and ideas have shaped the community and Vermont

H&SS3-4:5 Students develop reasonable explanations that support the research statement by…
Organizing and displaying information in a manner appropriate to the research statement through tables, graphs, maps, dioramas, charts, narratives, and/or posters.
Classifying information and justifying groupings based upon observations, prior knowledge, and/or research.
Using appropriate methods for interpreting information such as comparing and contrasting.
The Flying Machine Horse and Buggy (1800s) Pennyslvania train (1800s) Vermont Standards Grade Level Expectations (1) CBC Kids- History of Inventions At this site you can find a list of several different inventions that date back many years. This is a fun website that will allow you to explore and learn about inventions in "kid-friendly" language. (2) Zoom Inventors and Inventions These two sites both provide an extensive amount of information about the technologies and inventions you will be researching. At both sites, inventions and inventors are categorized by the letter they begin with - so you can directly find your technology and learn about aspects and ideas behind it. This will be useful in creating and finding the important facts for your newspaper articles. (3) Invent Now - Hall of Fame http://www.cbc.ca/kids/general/the-lab/history-of-invention/default.html http://www.enchantedlearning.com/inventors/indexp.shtml http://www.invent.org/hall_of_fame/1_1_search.asp (4) Newspaper Creating Site - ReadWriteThink This interactive website is the site that you will create your newspaper on. The site provides step by step instructions and gives you the options to choose the layout and colors of your newspaper article. This will be the place where you write the information you've found during your research. http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/readwritethink-printing-press-30036.html (5) Inventions Book This book, which will be kept inside the classroom, will list all four of the technologies and information about each of them. This book will be useful in finding some information to research on the websites and will be helpful to see the other inventions that relate to your category (ex. Telegraph is related to telephone!) 100 Inventions That Shaped World History by: Bill Yenne By following these steps, you will be able to complete the task accurately and efficiently: Meet with your team and discuss the technology that has been assigned to you.

Decide how you will divide the group up to research and who will research what (ex. One person researches inventors of the technologies associated with your topic and one researches effects of the technology).

Take a look at the resources provided and find information that may be useful to your newspaper. (*Remember to address and find information to answer the essential questions listed at the beginning of the Webquest*).

Decide what you want to write about (at least four things) in your newspaper. A helpful tip might be to give each person one topic to focus on so you will have four really researched topics that each member will know a lot about.

After spending two days (30 minute time frames) in the computer lab, you will group up and discuss what you've found. In doing so, you will fill out a worksheet together with the three essential questions and a Venn diagram to allow you to figure out if you've found what you've needed to for your project. In doing this worksheet with your group you should also be teaching your group members about what you've found in your research so you all know about each topic for your newspaper.

On days three and four in the computer lab you will work together in your group to create your newspaper and make sure everything you've found is accurate and in your paper. Your newspaper should be completed with at least four important facts (more if you want a challenge) and needs to be organized. Each member of the group must be actively involved in each step of this researching process.

A share of these newspapers to the class will take place once each group is finished with them. Each group member will share what they've researched and found. As discussed in the process for which you should handle your assignment, there will be time in which I help guide your group and make sure you are steering yourselves in the right direction. After two days researching in the computer lab, you and your group members will come together and answer the three essential questions I originally gave you (but using the technology you are studying instead). By answering these questions with as much as you already know from your research, you will be teaching your group members what you've learned and also seeing whether or not you've found what you needed to yet for your newspaper. This worksheet will help you see what you still need to research and how much you've learned thus far. Secondly on this worksheet, you and your group will create a Venn diagram for the Past and Present of your technology. You will list as much as you can, from your research thus far, about the differences and similarities of the technology topic you have in the past and in the present. How are they similar? Does it have the same affect on people now as it did in the 1800s? How has it changed in appearance from then until now?

**Use questions like these to lead your discussion and help you fill out your Venn Diagram. This will be useful to look at (and maybe use) in your newspaper. Past Present Your final task will be to share your group newspaper with the class. Your group will have printed your newspaper off of the website and pasted pictures to go with your articles.You will relay the information you've learned about your technology (both past and present) and be prepared to field questions about them from your classmates. Through this share we will learn about the four different types of technology that are popular today, and learn of their presence in the past. This will be the final activity to our unit on technology and an end discussion about technology in general will wrap it all up.
6.4- Historical Connections: Students identify major historical eras and analyze periods of transition in various times in their local community, in Vermont, in the United States, and in various locations worldwide to understand the past, the present, and the relationship between the two. This is evident when students:
c: Investigate the impact of new knowledge and inventions (e.g., the knowledge of fire, the printing press, the cotton gin, train, automobile, textile, machine, electricity, steam)
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