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iron trial plot

No description

Joey Risser

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of iron trial plot

Rising Action
The Iron Trial Plot
Falling action
by: Joey Risser
Callum Hunt is in his classroom waiting for his dad to take him to the the one test he is supposed to fail, unless he wants to leave for the Magisterium. But despite failing the test he still has to go to the Magisterium. At the Magisterium he makes two friends Aaron and Tamara who are the first people to stand up for him.
After one month they are required to battle wyverns as a test. They manage to beat the wyverns but afterward one of the students run away. when they find him they are attacked by a pack of wolfs and Aaron destroys them with chaos magic revealing that he is a makar. the masters are happy to have a makar and two escort him back to the magisterium. on the way back Callum takes a stray wolf pup in to the magisterium secretly.
Callum reveals the wolf pup to his friends and Aaron gets captured taking it for a walk. when Callum and Tamara find out they immediately go to the rescue. when they get to where Aaron is they find out that the person who ran away is a bad guy. they manage to save Aaron but Callum is left behind and an elemental kills the run away guy. another bad guy is talking to Callum when Aaron and Tamara crash in through the roof and save him, but in the process Callum is knocked out
When Callum wakes up he is in the infirmary and one of the masters is there asking him what happened and afterward every one visits him, even his nemesis.
once Callum got out of the infirmary one of the masters escorts him with Aaron and Tamara to the first gate which every student goes through at the end of there first year.
There was a war that raged against the enemy of death and the Magisterium, it ended because of a treaty that will not last and the only way the Magisterium will win is if they get another makar to fight the enemy of death himself.
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