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20 things about Sarah

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of 20 things about Sarah

My favorite thing
My favorite thing to do is to play Volleyball. My best friend Olivia plays Volleyball and she always invites me to her practices and I love going to her practices. Whenever we hang out we always pass around the Volleyball and we have so much fun. Sometimes my dad passes the Volleyball around with me to. Next year when Volleyball sign ups start Olivia and I are going to sign up together so we can be on the same team.
One of my favorite things to do when I get bored is to draw anything that I think of. One of my favorite things to draw are flowers.

One of my favorite snacks to have after school is fruit. I love fruit it is so so good. My favorite kind of fruit is apples and strawberries.
I like vegetables they are really good to me but I don't like all vegetables. My favorite kind of vegetable is corn and carrots.
My second favorite sport is softball. I have played softball for three years and I really like it.
BYU is one of my favorite teams. All of my dads brothers and his sister love BYU and they always say that we can't like any other team unless they like that team.
I love watching movies my favorite movie is Divergent. I also love Disney movies.
My favorite place to go on vacation is Disneyland.
I love to go camping with my family we always have so much fun! My family is a member of camper world and our favorite place to go is a place called Knotty Pines.
20 things about Sarah
Bear lake
My family loves going to bear lake. We always go in the summer usually in July. Whenever we go we always go and get some raspberry shakes and they are the best.
I love playing volleyball!
I hate spiders so much. They scare me a lot I always freak out when I see one.
Snakes always make me scream they are so gross and they are really really scary.
I hate repelling it scares me a lot. I hate it mostly because I am afraid of heights.
Watching Football
I don't like watching football because I get very confused when I watch it.
I hate cats so much because they always make my eyes itch. I also don't like them because they get hair everywhere.
Chicken Enchiladas
My mom makes chicken enchiladas all the time and I hate them, they are really gross
Yard work
Everyone hates yard work but I absolutely hate it. It is the worst thing in the world!!!!!!!!
I don't like snow because it is cold and I hate being cold. But snow does look really pretty on the ground.
I hate math so much it is so boring and hard.
I hate reading but sometimes I have to even though I don't like it
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