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End of life conversation

No description

loretta jay

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of End of life conversation


Helping her family
Planning out all the things
Already had a living will and a advanced directive
Organized her finances
Payed for own casket
Making sure she had a power of attorney
How to help someone who is grieving
Remember positive things about the person
Let someone isolate themselves
Always try to reach out to someone if they want to talk
My mother, My model
A mother who has prepared all her six children for the end. She organized her will and her finances, wrote her own obituary including a photo with information about the twenty five dollar cardboard casket which would carry her body to the university which was receiving her donation.
What not to tell a person who is grieving
You should not tell a person how to grieve
Don't push someone to talk about it
Don't judge the way someone handles the loss
Don't say it was part of gods plan
How to comfort someone who is dying
Be a companion
have conversation about faith and courage
have respect for them
review their life
Always listen
End of life conversation
How to tell a loved one your dying
Take them to a calm place
Tell them how much you appreciate them
Don't beat around the bush
Listen to what you loved one has to say
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