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Animal Project

No description

Tayla Poole

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Animal Project

Polar Bear Characteristics Thick creamy white fur. Habits Excellent swimmer
and hunter. They have fur on the soles of their feet They have small heads
and ears. Often wanders great
distance in search
of food. Mating Is 4 or 5 years old
when ready to have a
family. From late March
to early June she
is approached by
many males but only
mates with the
strongest and largest. Young Their young are
called cubs. At birth they can
not hear or see. They have almost
no hair when they
are born. Diet Sea amimals including
walrus, fish, seals and
some grasses and berries
in the summer. Habitat Mainly in coastal
areas. They may move somewhat inland in
summer and may spend winter on ice floes. Bibliography http://www.ecotourism-activityguide.com/endangered%20species/graphics/polar%20bear%20watching%20and%20ecotourism.jpg http://www.woottonwebdevclass.com/webdevlcass/Lim_Ketnita_MP3Project/Global%20Warming/images/polar%20bear.jpg http://www.conservingourwild.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/polar-bear-and-cub.jpg http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/weather/hurricane/blog/polar-bear-cubs.jpg Greenland, Caroline. Nature's Children Polar Bear.
1986. Grolier Limited
Crow Lee Sandra. Penguins and Polars Bears
Animals Of The Ice And Snow. National Geographic
Society By Tayla
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