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UXS2092 Knowledge Work

No description

Eben J Muse

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of UXS2092 Knowledge Work

Edmonds, E. & Candy, L., 2002. Creativity, art practice, and knowledge. Communications of the ACM, 45. Available at: http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2002/10/20755-creativity-art-practice-and-knowledge/fulltext [Accessed October 31, 2011]. Knowledge Work Exploration Evaluation Knowledge work involves accessing source data, comprising different types of knowledge that may be exam-ined, assessed and interpreted in terms of the primary goals of the creative knowledge worker: Generation of possible solutions or approaches
to the brief or problem definition draws upon the results of the initial exploration.

Problem formulation, as distinct from problem solving, is critical to the effectiveness of the solution space that is defined.

It draws upon a wide range of analogous cases often outside the immediate domain. involves taking the results of the genera-tive activity and testing the candidate solutions against a set of constraints.

This leads to modifying, reformulating, or discarding solutions depending on the feed-back.

Selection of the optimal solution may involve a
number of trade-offs against the constraints that are applied especially where, as is usually the case, the product is a complex one. involves the assimilation of exist-ing knowledge and its interpretation for the benefit of others.

The knowledge worker’s knowledge is a continually evolving body of expertise but this is not necessarily creative in itself.

However, where the knowledge work involves the generation and evaluation of new ideas, solutions, and artifacts, this can be described as creative knowledge work for example, addressing customer requirements, problem specifications, design briefs, and so forth.
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