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IIE Student Simulation Competition

2010 Team -- Simulobos Jessica Jeppsson, Jacquelyn Mann & Brendan Schuler Advised by: Dr. Stephen Roberts

Jessica Jeppsson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of IIE Student Simulation Competition

Simulobos Team:
J. Jeppsson, J. Mann, B. Schuler
IIE Simulation Competition Problem Statement - Master Molders New machines brought in house Concerned with employee utilization Travel to material/die locations Possible Solutions Dedicated Material Handlers
Changing plant layout What to Analyze Costs
Labor scheduling
Resource utilization
Current Layout Employee Tasks Analyzing the Current Situation Building the Arena model
Inquiries sent to the company
Measuring the distances
Fitting distributions to processes Modeling Issues Fitting distribution to interarrival and process times Seizing and releasing resources The Inner Workings Assignment modules: Resource assigment, material locations, arrival
and departure times, Possession of a resource Quality control check loops Thank you Dr. Roberts!!! Findings & Recommendations
Nearly 50% of QC checks missed
Not cost effective to move home locations
Add Material Handlers
Adjust labor allocation
More analysis in routing
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