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The Telephone

No description

Nathan Russell

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of The Telephone

The Telephone
By: Nathan Russell
Alexander Graham Bell
, born March 3, 1847, was a Scotish scientist. Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell was enrolled in the Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland, which he dropped out of around the ninth grade. "His main interest remained in the sciences, especially biology, while he treated other school subjects with indifference." -Wikipedia. Even at the young age of 15, Alexander Graham Bell, already knew that he was interested in the sciences.
The telephone was first proved to be successful on March 6, 1876, when Bell Called Watson from one room to another. The first words over the telephone were "Come here, Watson, I want you." This marked a serious advancement in technology.
Alexander Graham Bell
made the telephone. The telephone was the first long distance voice transmitter. When
the first telephone
was invented it was installed on a wall, with wires connecting it to the local switchboard where the local operator would then connect you to the person you were calling.

The first telephone had a rotary dial
Now we have phones that can go anywhere in the world wirelessly.
It is truly amazing how far we have come.
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Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone somewhat accidentally. His initial goal was to help His wife was hear again, so he tried to make a device to help the deaf hear. Instead, Alexander Graham Bell made the most used technological device to this day. He may not have succeeded in his initial goal, but he made something at the very least, equally important.
The Impact
The impact the telephone had is revolutionary. Today you cant walk around a downtown block without seeing someone on their phone. The phone has had an effect on society.

Good effects:
- Talk to family in another country.
- Let people know about something quickly.
- Quick and easy inter-national political conversations
- Phone companies make money for supplying plans for the cellphones
Bad effects:
- Students get distracted in class.
- Teens aren't talking to each other as often.
- Teens are becoming addicted

The first telephone
was invented in the Bell residence in
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
. The residence was restored and tours are still given to this day, it is called the Bell Homestead National Historic Site. It is amazing that such a major invention was invented in such a small town.
Group: A1
A few advancements
1.) Rotary dial phones (14th Aug, 1919)
2.) Home phones (24th Nov, 1949)
3.) Portable Phones (24th Jul, 1973)
4.) Touch phones (9th Mar, 1992)
5.) Smart phones (1997)
the end
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