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Diego A. Girald

A little bit about myself.

Diego Girald

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Diego A. Girald

Pets Lola Family This is me Best Friends Jacob Basketball Goals Student "Dieguillo" Diego A. Girald This is my family who takes care of me and loves me very much. I live with my mom, my dad and my older brother, Angio. Mom and Dad Angio, my brother My Dash Raiza Victor Fingerprints Pets are an important part in my family. We love them very much and take good care of them. My special one is Dash. He is funny, playful and loving. Seba This are my best friends: Jacob and Seba. I met them last year at school and they became special persons in my life. I enjoy to play and share everything with them. Hobbies Love Animals Swimming I enjoy to play basketball in my free time. Also, I like to relax and swim. All animals are special creatures for me and I love to be around them. But what I like the most is playing video games. Video Games Archaeologist Scientist My immediate goal is to be the best student I can. I have not decided what I want to be when I grow up: a scientist or an archaeologist. I only know that I like to discover and study things and I am amazed about life itself.
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