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The Bully by Paul Langan - Book Review

Reading Counts! Book Review for the book "The Bully" by Langan

Mrs. Abreu

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of The Bully by Paul Langan - Book Review

Reading Counts! Review The Bully
by Paul Langan 1. After four weeks of wrestling practice, Darrell
A. still could not climb the rope.
B. decided to give up and quit.
C. finally gained weight.
D. started pinning everyone. 2. Why did Darrell talk to Coach Lewis about wrestling?
A. Darrell wanted to be a wrestler like his uncle.
B. Harold asked him to join the team.
C. Darrell knew he needed a change.
D. He wanted to be friends with Kevin. 3. Darrell's New Year's resolution was to
A. climb the rope in gym.
B. stop paying Tyray.
C. ask Amberlynn out.
D. win a wrestling match. 4. In Darrell's first wrestling match, he
A. pinned his opponent easily.
B. scored points but still lost.
C. hurt his leg and could not wrestle.
D. was pinned in the first round. 5. When Darrell rescued Nate from the trunk, Uncle Jason
A. told Darrell that maybe he needed his help.
B. thanked Darrell and gave him some money.
C. asked Darrell never to interfere with his boys.
D. grounded Darrell for beating up Travis.
6. The only time Darrell did not _____ was at wrestling practice.
A. miss his mother
B. despise Uncle Jason
C. hate living in California
D. think about Tyray 9. What did Kevin, Luis, and Craig do for Darrell?
A. The three of them showed Darrell how to climb
the rope and lift weights.
B. They told Darrell they had his back when Darrell
confronted Tyray.
C. They beat up Tyray and his friends when he dumped
Darrell's lunch tray.
D. The three of them helped Darrell work on his wrestling
10. The first time Darrell walked around his new
neighborhood, he
A. got lost and cried.
B. made some new friends.
C. was bullied by Tyray.
D. fell in love with a girl. 7. Darrell decided he could not quit the wrestling team
A. Tyray was afraid of wrestlers.
B. Amberlynn loved to watch wrestling.
C. Uncle Jason thought he was tough.
D. Travis started respecting him.
8. When Tyray and Darrell got into a fight in the
cafeteria, Darrell
A. had his arm broken by Tyray.
B. used his wrestling moves and took Tyray down.
C. started crying and begged Tyray to stop.
D. ran away from Tyray and called the principal.
18. Harold thought about joining the wrestling team because
A. Harold wanted to learn how to beat up Tyray.
B. he saw that Darrell seemed stronger and bigger.
C. girls started liking Darrell because he was a wrestler.
D. Darrell made a lot of friends because of the team. 19. Darrell realized he would never be alone at Bluford again when
A. Uncle Jason told Darrell he was proud of him.
B. Tyray apologized for hurting him and returned all of his money.
C. he won the rest of his wrestling matches.
D. Amberlynn hugged him, and Kevin and Harold congratulated him.
20. Coach Lewis told Darrell that his
A. speed would make him hard to beat.
B. growth spurt would make him tougher.
C. skills were not improving enough.
D. size was going to be a problem. 12. Darrell was moving to California because
A. his mother was marrying a man from California.
B. his uncle offered his mother a good job there.
C. his father was being transferred to California.
D. he was being sent to live with his grandmother.
13. Why did Darrell go to the Freshman Dance?
A. Jamee told him Amberlynn would be there.
B. His mother volunteered to be a chaperone.
C. The whole wrestling team was going.
D. Tyray said he would beat him up if he didn't go. 17. Why did Darrell start avoiding Amberlynn?
A. She said she would have Tyray beat him up if he talked to her.
B. He was angry at her for missing his first wrestling match.
C. He knew she wanted him to ask her to the winter dance.
D. She told Tyray and the whole class she did not even like Darrell. 26. How did Darrell make his first friend?
A. Kevin felt sorry for him and started talking to him.
B. Uncle Jason introduced him to some neighborhood boys.
C. Mrs. Davis asked him to talk to her grandson Harold.
D. Amberlynn asked her brother to be friends with Darrell.
27. Darrell did not ever tell anyone when he was bullied because
A. his uncle would punish him for being weak.
B. he was ashamed of being so helpless.
C. his mother would tell all of the neighbors.
D. he did not want to get anyone in trouble. 29. After reading "Hatchet," Darrell realized that in order to change he needed to
A. tell Mr. Mitchell about Tyray.
B. move back to Philadelphia.
C. use his mind and stop complaining.
D. find a girlfriend or a best friend.
30. Coach Lewis told Darrell that
A. wrestling was about brains not size.
B. he did not need anymore wrestlers.
C. he had almost missed the tryouts.
D. Darrell was too small to wrestle. Good Luck on your Quiz!
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