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Danger Zone by David Klass

No description

Brooklyn Hardison

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Danger Zone by David Klass

Danger Zone by David Klass
Jimmy Doyle
: The main character.
Helps their mom at the hardware store while Jimmy is gone.
Acts as a father figure for Jimmy, since Jimmy'd dad is dead.
Jimmy's Roommate.
Janey Sutherland
:Jimmy's cheerleader girlfriend.
By: Brooklyn Hardison & Jared Smith
The reason we selected this book is because it was a sports book.
: Jimmy's enemy
The teams basketball coach.
Coach McNeil & Griffin
He hates Jimmy for taking
his place on the team.
Jimmy's Mom:
Works hard for Jimmy and his
two sisters at the hardware
store. Her husband died whn Jimmy was young.
Jimmy's Sisters:
Janey's Dad:
The theme of this book is even if your
different then others, doesn't mean you can't be as good as anybody else. Jimmy figures that out when he plays for the international team in Rome.
The setting of the book was in Granham Minnesota, Los Angeles, and in Italy.

Jimmy is doing bad at one of his basketball games and then he gets into his zone.
Rising Action:
Two coaches from an international basketball team come to his game to see him play. They talk to him after his game.
The two coaches offer Jimmy a spot on the international team. He starts to think about his mom and the hardware store.
The Hardware Store
Granham High School Gymnasium
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