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How was a ghetto formed?

No description

Chad Brockett

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of How was a ghetto formed?


How was a ghetto formed?
A ghetto was formed when the Germans sealed the poorest jewish neighborhoods where many jewish people were housed.
What kind of things did they have in a ghetto?
Jewish people were allowed to bring a few personal belongings, food, and water.
What were some of the rules of the Ghetto?
German soldiers took brutal measures against smugglers. Jewish people living in the ghettos had to wear identifying badges or armbands.
In some Ghettos, such as the Warsaw ghetto, members of jewish resistance movements staged armed uprisings.
How did the nazis keep Jews in the ghetto?
Ghettos were sealed with barbed wire. There were also German patrols to make sure nobody got out.
Interesting fact
Many jewish people were taken out of their homes and moved to these ghettos.
Interesting fact
The reason ghettos existed was because the Germans didn't have the means to transport Jewish people to execution camps
Interesting fact
Jewish people over the age of 65 or crippled/injured were taken to ghettos in terrible condition because the Germans had assumed that in the awful conditions the Jews there would die on their own.
Interesting fact
Food rations that were allotted to the ghettos by the Germans were not enough to sustain life.
Interesting fact
Every Jewish person had to wear the star of David to identify themselves as jewish.
Interesting fact
Jews were deprived of privileges within the community.
Interesting fact
There were some ghettos where Jews were able to move about freely with restrictions on leaving the Ghetto itself.
Interesting fact
In the Warsaw ghetto, it was sealed in with Ten foot high walls topped with barbed wire.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
What happened after Jews left the Ghettos
Jews were moved to extermination camps
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