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Brabby Skittles

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Denmark

Jutland Peninsula:
Gudena is the largest river in Denmark, and runs through the central parts of the Jutlandic peninsula. An angilcized version of the name often seen is 'The River Guden'.
The open sandwiches known as smorrebrod, are typical Danish lunches. They are decorated with fine ingredients.
Pork is the most common meat for dinner. It is usually served with sides of traditional gravy and potatoes.

Dinner is usually called
, because it used to be eaten in the middle of the day.
Population of Denmark is
about 6 million.
The language of Denmark is Danish.
In the 9th and 10th centuries, Danish Vikings invaded and settled in parts of Western Europe as far as North Africa. They founded the Danelaw in Northern England, and were granted to duchy of Normandy (named after the Norse men) by the king of France.
Physical Features
Denmark's Flag
The religion of Denmark is Evangelical Lutheran.
Denmark's Religion
History of Denmark
The political system of Denmark is that of a multi-party structure, where several parties can be represented in Parliament at any one time.
Denmark's Goverment
has a mixed economy.
By: Abby Bolin
Typical breakfast in Denmark usually includes coffee, tea, rye bread, white bread with cheese or jam, cereal (usually corn flakes), and oatmeal.
The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
The Jutland Peninsula (or more historically the Cimbrian peninsula) is a peninsula in Europe, divided between Denmark and Germany. The names are derived from the Jutes and the Cimbri.
Denmark's Holidays
*One Danish holiday is Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter. It is observed in the Christian Church as a commemeration of the Last Supper.
*Another Danish holiday is The First Days of Chistmas, on December 25. Danes celebrate 3 days of Christmas, starting on December 24 in the evening.
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