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Types of Sampling Distributions

No description

Jodi Robertson

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of Types of Sampling Distributions

Statistical Analysis
Systematic Sample

members are chosen using a pattern
Types of Sampling Distributions
Simple Random Sample

members are chosen so that everyone has an equal chance of being selected

Stratified Sample

members are randomly chosen from subgroups created from the population
(what the picture shows)
Selecting 3 names from a list of all students.
(what the picture shows)
Selecting every third student from the list of total students
(what the picture shows)
Two students are selected from each gender.
Cluster Sample

an entire subgroup is surveyed after the subgroup was randomly chosen from the population
(what the picture shows)
Selecting all people living on an entire street to complete a survey
Self-Selected Sample

(what the picture shows)
The people surveyed have volunteered
members voluntarily participate

Convenience Sample

members are chosen because they are easily accessible

(what the picture shows)
Selecting the people closest to you to survey
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