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Everest: book one by Gordon Korman

No description

Justin Talbert

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Everest: book one by Gordon Korman

The climax is when they go through the second round of cuts. Some of the countries best alpinest got cu and their parents did not fell very good about that.
The resolution
The resolution and the end of the book is when they are cut down to just 8 alpinest. It is a very good competition. And they have to keep the person who won the candy bar contest to get in for sponsors. And the Z-man thinks that isn't very smart.
they are auditioning for the camp Everest exposition. And they have to go through a 12 week camp to get in. They will choose 4 of the indivuals
Everest: book one by Gordon Korman
created by Justin Talbert

the rising action started when the campers found out that the Z-man was not attending the camp. They kids thought it was unfair to them that they have to attend the camp. But the camp master did not listen to their complaints.
Rising Action
The falling action starts when they go back in and 13 people have been cut. Many great kids have been cut because they where too short or they did not beat the expectations to go on Mt. Everest.
Falling Action
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