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Different Sports competition structures

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Dominic Marshall

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Different Sports competition structures

Different Sports competition structures
By Dom Marshall
Different Competitions
I will look at three different tournament structures and give examples of these competitions. These include: League competition, Knockout competition and also a leaderboard knockout
A league is a collection of teams/ countries or people who play one another with points being given to the teams who win or draw. Every team or individuals play each other so that in the end, the team who wins will be the best team in the league.
An example of a league in sport was the Barclay's Premier League, every team plays one another from August to May. A victory will earn a team three points, a draw will earn the team 1 point and a lose will mean the team get no points. Each team play all other 19 teams twice so there are 38 fixtures per season. At the end the team that is at the top is the best team in the league, In the premier league it is often Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal or Manchester United (however Manchester United are in decline)
A knockout competition is where each game that is played, one team goes through to the next round of the competition whilst the other team goes out and doesn't play again.
The idea of a knockout competition is that the weaker players go out in the early rounds of the competition so the later rounds will be more challenging because only the better players will be playing one another.
The advantage of this set-up is that there can be a lot of players entering the competition. Also that the tournmaent organisers can stay that the winner of the competition was the best player in the group.

An example of a knockout tournament is the US Open tennis, there are 250 players at the start of the competition but in the end after many round there will only be 3 winners. (Ladies, Mens and Doubles)
Leaderboard knockout
The leaderboard knockout is a system where there is a leaderboard/ league with different people or teams playing in the competition which is then reduced with the teams at the bottom half being taken out of the competition.
A leaderboard knockout is a competition style that is not normally played by a lot of sports. The two different competitions that use this system are the FIFA World Cup and the US Masters.

The US Masters is a leaderboard knockout because everyone plays two rounds of golf; before the organisers cut the competition in half to reduce the number of golfers. Then after the third round another cut is made to cut the remaining number of golfers in half again. On the final round the golfers play in reverse order which means the player in first place will be the last person to tee off.
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