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enternainment and leisure


max cowling jones

on 20 November 2009

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Transcript of enternainment and leisure

Leisure and Entertainment computer games music portability evaluation music downloading has become alot easier with all of the illegal downloading sites available to use for free, sites such as bit torrent and limewire. movies However there are some legal sites for the downloading of music to devices such as itunes amazon mp3 and emusic Online games have now become huge over the past couple of years, with the likes of Xbox Live and Playstation Network for consoles. These allow player versus players games where packages are sent to the host and the players ping of the host and the packages are then sent back. On the other hand games such as halo 3 produce there own servers allowing no connection advantages. Not only has it now become essential for games to have online multiplayer to compete in sales, but the designers making the game have to consider both sides of the scale from beginners to proffesional gaming. Therefore making it a very difficult job for the designers to get a good contrast.
However with the likes of online gaming it is now adding a new dimension to games and how there played such as the wii and the new prototype of microsoft's project natal. more and more films are now being put onto internet websites and pirate copies being made before the film has even been released. this cause's problems for businesses as they lose out on sales however there is more and more people puting their own films
onto websites and getting alot of viewings. this is a good sign for the film industry to see so many keen producers mp3's and mp4's have changed the way we listen and watch films and music. we are now able to roam and do the things that we once would have had to do at home. we are now also able to download almost anything we want when we areon the move thanks to WI-FI connctions. we can connect to the interent from our phones, ipod's and many other devices now. so thanks to the internet entertainment and leisure
have increased massively since there introduction into
I.C.T. howver entertainment and leisure has had to take
a few knocks because illegal downloading and pirate copies being made. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
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