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Bombing Of Munich

No description

Vance Tompkins

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Bombing Of Munich

"The Flying Fortress"

B-17 Used
Reasons for Bombing
Political purposes; Some bombing operations were undertaken in order to satisfy political purposes.
The Industrial incline; the aim of the start of the world was to undermine Germany's war economy.
Military capability; they were expecting the bomb to affect german military capability and damaging the war economy.
Munich was the first place for Hitler to share his extremist views in local bars and pubs.
The Nazi Party was founded in Munich Germany, it became a major industrial and transportation center and that caused the Allies to highlight it and eventually bomb it.
There was a total of 6,632 deaths
Montag, Oktober 30, 1942
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Allies Bomb Munich
The bombs that fell rarely left a building standing.
Der Bombenangriff auf Muenchen
In the European theater the Boeing wing design was used for its ability to take the most punishing of Flak.
Was equipped with 12 .50 caliber machine guns hence the nickname "Flying Fortress"
Were sent by the hundreds to make maximize defense and offensive capabilities.
Munich was an Allied target for 71 operations
Was believed to have been bombed to show that the rest of the world will not accept Nazi rule (willingly).
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