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Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage

No description

suzan talo

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage

For the most of Western history, marriage was not a mere personal matter concerning only husband and wife, but rather the business of their two families which brought them together. Divorce was not encouraged, but permitted if a man found some "uncleanness" in his wife. Difference between the two Arranged Marriage Continued A big question in our society today and what I have personally come to ask myself is which type of marriage is better, a love marriage or an arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage, the parents of the boy and girl decide what is best for the kids and arrange the marriage between them. On the other hand, a love marriage, something that we are most familiar with, is a marriage between two people who know each other and have come to love one another enough that they decide to get married and spend the rest of their life together. Most of the time marriage was also an economic arrangement. However, it was virtually impossible for a wife to divorce her husband. It was usually the patriarch who selected a bride for his son and who paid a "bride price" to her father. Arranged marriage also doesn’t mean that it is a forced marriage, most people in Indian, Asian, African and some European cultures allow for the youngsters to meet with each other, talk and see if they get along and prefer to be together, if so then they tell their parents and get married. According to statistics verified by UNICEF, Human Rights Council and ABC News, the average global divorce rate for arranged marriage is only 4 percent. The divorce rate for love marriage is a staggering 55 percent. Stats Also, a recent poll done in India about arranged marriage where 30,000 people were asked shows that 77 percent of people believe that arrange marriage is better. In the northern part of India, statistics show that 88 percent believe it is better. Having the same religion, linguistic group and socioeconomic background, allows for arranged marriages to last longer than love marriages. Arranged Marriage Statistics Data
Average divorce rate globally on arranged marriages 4 %
India divorce rate 1.1 %
Average number of years older the male is from the female in an arrange marriage 4.5 years
Percent of marriages in India that are arranged 90 %
Percent of marriages in the world that are arranged 55 %
Percent of U.S. men between the age of 40 and 50 who have never been married 14 %
Percent of U.S. women between the age of 40 and 50 who have never been married 10 %
Percent of girls who were forced to marry before a certain age
South Asia before age 18 48 %
Bangladesh before age 15 27.3 %
Africa before age 18 42 %
Niger before age 15 26 %
Kyrgyzstan before age 18 21.2 %
Kazakhstan before age 18 14.4 % Hypothesis -Arranged marriages will continue to have lower divorce rates then love marriages -same social background
-family support
-same cultural values
-same religious values Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage
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