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Braden Sandoval

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Japan

Kabe Port Tower The tower is 90.28 meter high and you can see half of Tokyo when your on the very top of it. The tower was built in 1963 and has a twine in china. JAPAN Akama Shrine The restaurant was found in 1191 by a man that use to live there. The restaurant is a very expensive place. Seto inland sea Seto inland is an interanational waterway. Seto inland connets to the Pacific ocean to the sea of Japan. Lake Ikeda People belive that theres a lake monster in Lake Ikeda, but no one really knows. Naha Okinawa
Nana is a capital city of Japanese prefecture. Nana,Okinawa was found on May 20, 1921.
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