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Week One: MBS571 New Testament Theology

Prezi that supports introductory lecture for New Testament Theology course in Master's of Biblical Studies program (March 12, 2018)

Gene Maynard

on 4 December 2018

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Transcript of Week One: MBS571 New Testament Theology

MBS571 New Testament Theology
Swing and Miss
Major NT Theology Issue:
Theologies or Theology
NT as Biblical Theology
NT as Missionary Theology
Next Week
gmaynard@epic.edu text: 530-613-7982
pastor, 37 years
3 children
4 grandchildren
New Testament Community
1) We want to get to know you
2) What's so great about the NT?
The "overview" text: I. Howard Marshall
The "immersion" textbooks: 3 N. T. Wright texts
The "Pentecostal," biblical scholar text: Gordon Fee
The Textbooks
The Evaluations
Book Review
: Gordon Fee's
"Paul, the Spirit and the People of God"
due April 16
provide credible summary of text
pay attention to Fee's ideas about the role of
the Spirit and the church in the mission of God
Research Paper: The Gospel
due May 7
primary course project
about 4,000 words
grapple with the idea of "the gospel":
what is the gospel?
what exactly does the gospel do?
how is "the gospel" part of the mission of God?
how does "the gospel" expand the First Testament's idea that God is restoring all things?
Construct a Personal Spiritual Formation Manual
due June 4
2,500+ words
Notice, collect and organize resources and practices that will 1) help you create space for God in your life, and 2) when you have space, help you experience communion with Living God
informed, researched essay
Primary Source Reading
due May 21
reflective summary
about 1,500 words
all 4 gospels, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 Timothy, James, 1 John
The "Hard Work" Expectation
be on time
immerse yourself in NT
think, think, think
invite God to open your eyes
Contention of This Class:
1) we have forgotten what the gospel is about
2) we have reduced the gospel
3) we have lost the gospel
Is there a UNITY of thought in the NT
Are there disconnected ideas in the NT
Another way to ask if there are
"theologies or theology" in NT
Another way to ask if there are
"theologies or theology" in the NT
If there is "theology" in the NT, then we can expect to find "a coherent center with contingent expressions" of that center
If there are "theologies" in the NT, then we can expect to find detached and dissonant ideas, agendas and convictions in the NT
Why some think there are "theologies" in the NT
NT writings are largely "occasional"
NT writings are unstructured
NT body is noncredal
Why some think there are "theologies" in the NT
There is "first stage" and "second stage" present in the NT
First NT people are OT people
First NT people use OT to substantiate their ideas
The NT documents originate,
, as a result of the mission of Jesus sent by God to inaugurate His kingdom with the blessings it brings and to call people to respond to it
The NT documents originate,
, as a result of the mission of Jesus' followers who were called to continue his work by proclaiming
him as Lord and Savior and calling
all people to respond to him
How the NT Came About: 2 Reasons
The theology springs out of the missionary movement and
is shaped by it
The theology shapes the continuing missionary movement of the church
The primary function of the NT documents is to testify to the mission of God
What one word expresses the mission of God? GOSPEL
NT theology is missionary theology
Missionary theology is
Gospel theology
NT theology is gospel theology
"Jesusology" is the heart of the heart of the gospel
see Jesus "for the first time"
Read Part 1: How God Became King
start Gordon Fee
4) we have not seen the gospel as inheritor of Old Testament
Goal of this class
Nothing less than FULL recovery of NT "gospel"
1) understand what 4 gospels are saying about Jesus, God and the new Christian movement they are resourcing
2) see gospel as the entire New Testament focus and message: many witnesses, one gospel
a little more N. T. Wright
OT Roots of Gospel
Isaiah 61
Clue #1: now that you know "gospel" is an OT concept, what do you know about gospel?
Why would the followers of Jesus use an OT idea to describe the mission of God in Jesus?
"Gospel" is a borrowed Roman concept
Greek: evangelion --
good announcement
Romans proclaimed "evangelion" to announce a new Caesar, a military victory, etc.
"The Caesar sitting on the throne in Rome is gospel; he brings peace, abundance, security
When Christian writers use "gospel" in reference to Jesus, they knew what they were doing
Identify what the NT writers were up to by saying Jesus is gospel
We Need...
1) a fundamental rethink about what the gospels are about
2) a fundamental rethink about how to read them
3) a fundamental rethink about how to order our life and work in accordance with them
Some Questions...
1) can we read the gospels better, more in keeping with what the original writers intended?
2) can we get a fresh vision for the mission of God in the world?
3) what is the problem all the NT writers think they are solving?
4) what is the gospel in the gospel?
5) we have not seen the gospel as the revolutionary force that it is
Are you here on time?
Have you been reading?
Respect given to classmates?
Is work turned in on time?
Readings and Videos
available on Populi
Dr. Gene Maynard
Week One: March 12
about 2,500--3,000 words
How is the gospel developed from beginning to end?
Writing Excellence
"Failure to write well will result in people not taking what you have to say seriously, even if you have the best intentions at heart and best insights in your field." Laurinavicius, T.

Have a Point!
Be Concise
"Twitterfy" your main point
Stick to Your Point
Amplifying your point is not adding another main idea
Develop a logical outline
I. First,...
II. Secondly,...
III. Finally,...
Use your computer resources
Strunk and White, The Elements of Style
Why? In today's world, we must out-think faith's opponents
What is God up to
in the Old Testament?
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