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No description

Chris Schuler

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of LCM

LCM Consulting Chris Schuler Lindsey Dutton Luke Tarazewich Matt Murray Financial Strategy LCM’s Future Customer Satisfaction

Training and Recruitment
Competitor Profit Analysis Profit comparison against Chester and Digby

Steady increase in profit

Tripled the amount of profit in past two years

Caitlin Locke Our Management Team Mission Statement To have the interest of the customer as our number one priority by having uncompromising insight as to which sensor complies exactly with their individual needs, and to build a company that not only excels in customer relations but in employee satisfaction, and shares success with both the shareholders and the community.
Small stock issues and long-term debt
Retiring debt
Short-term high interest loans
Credit policy
Stock retirement
LCM Consulting Timeline Production Strategy Increased capacity
Minimum overtime
Implementation of automation
Avoided liquidation
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Introduced Arrow Largest Market Share Doubled Stock Price No 2nd shift overtime Revenue comparison against Chester and Digby

Increasing market share through sales and awareness

Able to attract new customers
Revenue Comparison Stock Price Comparison Reached 100% Awareness for Able Highest sales in company history
$144,410,000 Highest net profit in company history
$11,462,000 Reached 100% Awareness for Arrow LCM's Future Marketing Competitive Pricing
Promotion Budget
Sales Buget Introduced Apple Balance Sheet 2018 Our Competitors Digby
Chester Cash Flow Statement 2018 Marketing Strategy
Status quo pricing
High levels of awareness
Maintained levels
Brand recognition
High level of accessibility
Maintained levels
Distribution channels Research and Development High Tech development
Low Tech development
Material Cost
Income Statement 2018 LCM's Future Debt Free
Conservative Strategy
6% ending cash
Issue dividends

Oversees implementation of company goals
Manages direction and leadership
Enforces company philosophy, mission and values Responsible for company's past, present, and future financial position
Oversees capital structure of the company
Executes annual budget reports Plans, coordinates, and controls industrial processes
Ensures goods and services are produced efficiently and accurately
Implements products to meet the demands of customers Ensures sales targets are met
Develops and maintains existing client relationships
Oversees expansion into new markets.
Implements research and development decisions
Adjusts products to market demand
Monitors the storing of data from customer surveys Introduced Axe


Performance in 2018 Increase contribution margin High Tech
Low Tech LCM Consulting Stock price comparision against Chester and Digby

Issued stock in 2015

Continued increase Chief Financial Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Production Officer Chief Marketing Officer Chief Research Officer
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