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Cranberry Networks

Enterprise Wireless Access Points at your fingertips

vinay thadani

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Cranberry Networks

Top 20 Feature Analysis End-User Advantage Top Features & Benefits

Lower IT costs – NO IT admin required.
Maximize your productivity – LIMIT your AP service outage.
Increased range & throughput compared to competition, allows for less AP’s in the customers deployment
Disruptive pricing at a great pricing point for SMB Cranberry I-View Manager Examples of Cranberry Wireless RF Design CN 1003 – Single Band / 2.4 Ghz POE CN AP 1001- Single Band 2.4 Ghz GOE Ethernet CN 1002 – Dual Band / Dual Concurrent 2.4/5 Wifi Access Points Hospital Automotive Office Who uses Cranberry Products Vertical Markets Cranberry’s Value Proposition Provide Small to Medium sized enterprise access points at disruptive REDUCED prices.
Deliver “Out of box” readiness for deployment of product. “Plug & Play” in your network
Unprecedented Support
Enterprise Scale AP Cloud Management
Outdoor AP Release - 4th Quarter 2012
Vinay Thadani, National Product Manager Product Presentation For further information For General Sales – sales@cranberrynetworks.com
For Support Queries – support@cranberrynetworks.com

Vinay Thadani / V.P. National Product Manager
Cranberry Networks
4633 Old Ironsides Drive #200
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Email: vinay@cranberrynetworks.com
Direct: (650) 763-6031 The Cranberry Conversion Cranberry has a higher-end feature set of software in comparison to Ubiquiti. Security features compare to Cisco/Ruckus.
A one-stop truly scalable solution from the single AP to Enterprise level
Cranberry focuses on maximizing service level up-times for Access Point Management Cranberry Feature Differentiators EXTENDED TUNING RANGES On 2.4
Typical Range 2.4 – 2.5 GHZ
Cranberry’s 2.3Ghz – 2.7 Ghz

Typical Range 5.0 GHZ – 5.4 GHZ
Cranberry’s – 4.9 GHZ – 5.9 GHZ

Less AP’s can be required in an RF design, less interruption, less dead spots, more range. V.A.R. Advantage Systems integrators use Cranberry Networks as a value added solution for vertical markets, as they have the security features necessary, yet price points are much lower. (Cisco/Meraki/Aruba/Ruckus)
Easy to deploy – open the box, plug in the AP, follow the step by step CD documentation.
I-View provides V.A.R.’s to charge to manage customers networks. Vertical Markets Cloudberry Controller I-View Software & Controller Cranberry AP User Interface Manage & Protect your WIFI Infrastructure Remote WiFi Management at your fingertips www.cranberrynetworks.com
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