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By Lerryn Kidd

Lerryn Kidd

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Guatemala

Guatemala By Lerryn Kidd Established as republic in 1839 Former Mayan Civilization Conquered by Pedro de Alvarado in 1524 Dictated from 1898 to 1920 Gen. Jorge Ubico Castaneda served as Strongman from 1931 to 1944 Current President: Alvaro Colom Caballeros (2008) HISTORY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT Republic Dictatorship RELIGION Roman Catholic Introduced by Spanish Modified by Mayan beliefs Universal until twentieth century 40% now Protestant Combination of Mayan and Christian beliefs Some indigenous POPULATION 13,276,517 People in 2009 CAPITAL Guatemala City HOLIDAYS Christmas, Easter, other Christian holidays Day of the Dead Eat traditional food: tamales, fiambre, ponche LANGUAGES Independence Day: September 15th Achi Akateko Awakateko Chalchiteko Ch'orti Chuj Itza Ixil Popti Kaqchikel K'iche Mam Mopan Poqoman Poqomchi Sakapulteko Sipakapense Spanish Tekiteko Xinka CURRENCY Quetzal (Q) 8 Quetzals= 1 Dollar CLIMATE Tropical Little seasonal change Lots of rain Constitutional Democratic Republic TERRAIN Northern Plain Rainforest Highland Lowland Volcanos Grassland 19 Mountain Ranges Motagua, Usumcinta, Dulce, Polochic, Sarstun Rivers Izabal, Peten Itza, Atitlan, Amatitlan Lakes NATIONAL MONUMENTS Last remaining rainforest tract in Central America CULTURE And other interesting facts Holy Week: Biggest holiday Mirador Basin Big noon meal Classes based on wealth, education, family prestige Mayan children greet by bowing Not physically demonstrative 36 year guerrilla war divided country Suffrage at 18 Human trafficking=big industry Major transit country for cocaine/heroin Name means "land of the trees" FOOD Corn tortillas: Tamales Black beans Rice Bread Pasta Chicken Pork Beef Fish Shellfish Sweet drinks Fiambre-- meat salad Ponche-- rum-based drink CURRENT EVENTS Prologued drought Severe food shortages Chronic malnutrition problem Kwashiorkor=malnutrition-related illness Swollen abdomen Skin peeling Reddish hair pigmentation Extensive tissue and muscle loss TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Guatemala City Antigua Lake Atitlan Tajumulco Volcano--highest point in Central America Jungles Black sand beaches By Manuel Estrada Cabrera THE END
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