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Solar parabolic mirrors to boil water

No description

Allana Gurney

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Solar parabolic mirrors to boil water

-Solar parabolic mirrors use a parabola with a focal point to concentrate light in a small area.
-Small parabolas can cook large amounts of food so this shows that it concentrates a lot of energy in a small space.
-There are 3 types of parabolas: shallow, deep and asymetrical. When sunlight hits the parabolic mirror it reflects back to the single focal point.
-Enough of that sunlight could boil water using only light.
-The steam from the boiled water can be used as we will explain later. Introduction Advantages -The parabolic mirror collects energy from a distant source (eg: Sun) and bring it to a focal point.
-Sunlight is collected and can cook food or boil water.
-It functions due to its geometrical properties of the parabolic shape. Process - You use less electricity
- It saves money
-kills the bacteria that is in the water
_When you boil water with the parabolic mirror it makes steam
_That steam can be used to turn turbines to create electricity and for heating purposes
_Using solar energy and harnessing it can cut a family's cost of heat energy by 85%. Disadvantages -It's not very fast
-It won't work in winter
-Has to be done outside
-Concentrates light in a very small space
-Won't make enough for the world's demands How it compares _Solar parabolic mirrors are being used a lot less because they are also harder to use than using a kettle to boil your water.
-It makes less electricity compared to other resources.
_ Coal, oil and gas are irreplaceable so people believe the Sun is the new source of power.
_In 1953, estimates were that in 50 years solar power will be dominating, meaning solar parabolic mirrors could be useful for energy. Where -in Spain with a company called Andasol.
-A project is underway in California.
-In a newspaper article from 1953, it stated that there was a project on Mon-Louis between France and Spain. Thank you for watching! By Allana Gurney and Paulina Gamez-Villarreal Solar parabolic mirrors to boil water
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