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Uses of computer application in mechanical Engineering.

*Introduction *Main body *Conclusion

athuman mwinyimvua

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Uses of computer application in mechanical Engineering.

USES OF COMPUTER APPLICATION IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applied the principles of physics and materials science for analysis,design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is branch of engineering that involve the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design production and operation of machine and tools COMPUTER APPLICATION Computer Applications is designed to test students' abilities to use word processing, spreadsheet, and database application software , including integration of applications. It is not same as the computer science contest, which tests programming abilities. The image above show automation process take place. . In the new world of digital system computer become a very important and useful in many different sectors, like medical sector , Engineering sector e.t.c
In Mechanical Engineering also computer is applied/useful in many different way.
This ways include the following:- AUTOMATION Automation is any system that does not require human intervention. This include the uses of computer to control a particular process in order to increase reliability and efficiency, often through the replacement of employees. For a manufacturer, this could entail using robotic assembly line to manufacture product example of Auto cad system IN AUTOCAD IN DESGNIGN In the case of design we use computer aided desingn (CAD) technology to assist in the creation, modification , analysis or optimization of a desing. CAD used to icnrease the productivityof the desgner , improve the quality of design, improve communication through documentaion, and to create a database for manufacturing. This also is the uses of computer application in machenical engineering, this is software application for computer aided design and drafting. Before the development of technology many Engineer used drawing board to draw the Engineering diagram. Now days they use Autocad. ALSO USED IN MECHANICAL DESIGNING CONCLUSION Now days computer is more useful device than other, everything applied is along side with computer as you see above, in Automation computer applied, in autocad and mechanical design also applied.
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