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No description

Leticia Trevino

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of DREAM

To & Through College
Recent Changes
Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals
Emotional Process
Intersection of Identities
Advantages given to those with citizenship
'Invisible' to those that have it
Unearned and granted whether a person wants the privilege or not
Resources & Support
Filing taxes with ITIN if no SSN
Can obtain one from tax filing company too
Melissa Quinteros
Leticia Treviño

Supporting the DREAM:
Guiding the Immigrant Student

More opportunities to support students
What students go through emotionally
Coming Out to Friends, Educators, Support Network, etc.
Living in a
State of Fear
& Uncertainty
Realization &/or
with Family
Acknowledge feelings
& validate students
Owning Legal
Status & Advocating
Triggered by the student's inability to participate in a program, trip, milestone with peers, etc.
Students report anger toward the situation, parents, siblings, the system
What if I am reported? Deported?
Will my family be ripped apart?
What if some one finds out about my status? What will they do?
Recognizing, accepting, and sharing with others
Conscious choice to be honest with you
Do NOT pressure students to inform you of their legal status
Not a single event, come out to more than one individual
'Outing' students can be harmful
Accept the obstacles due to legal status
Find ways to overcome obstacles:
Speaking up for self
Make decisions for self
Get information that s/he can understand
Knowing their support system, rights, and responsibilities
Reaching out to others
Supporting Students to Reach their Goals
Awareness of our Interactions with Students
Can apply for employment authorization
Individuals are issued a work SSN for two years.
Lawfully present in the U.S. under color of law.
There is no direct path from deferred action to PR or citizenship.
Policy, NOT law can be changed at any time
Not all undocumented students are eligible for DACA
Paying for
College Prep
No federal law prevents US colleges from admitting undocumented students
Students should research colleges and ask about their policies (Naviance, Big Future)
Students do not have access to Federal Student Aid-grades are important
Expectations for high school classes, grades, entrance tests
Students struggle in this area due to:
Family responsibilities
Not knowing how to access opportunities
Empower students to:
Gain experience networking
Build their resume, leadership skills
Give to the community
No Federal Student Aid
Confusion with DACA SSN
Colorado ASSET, more affordable
Concurrent enrollment
Who coordinates?
Do students know this is an option?
ASCENT program
5th year program
Options are after ASCENT
A few scholarship lists exist-see handout.
Scholarships not restricted by race/ethnicity:
Comcast Leaders & Achievers
Project PAVE
If there is no US Citizen, PR, or eligible non-citizen requirement listed-CALL the scholarship provider.
Institutional scholarships not requiring FAFSA.
Scholarship Policy Changes due to DACA/Lawful Presence
Denver Scholarship Foundation
Students can always be directed to:
Seek a sponsorship (partial or full)
Ask school permission to do food vending at school/functions
Raise/save money through events:
Birthday party
Graduation party
Get creative
Letter campaign
E4FC, www.e4fc.org
Together Colorado, www.togethercolorado.org
Padres y Jovenes Unidos, www.padresunidos.org
HEAA, www.coloradoasset.com
College Board, www.bigfuture.collegeboard.org
Where can I find more info
Support group for students
Know they’re not alone
Spread the word about DACA, scholarship, events, etc.
Tax Info for Parents
DREAMer Group
Keeping the DREAM Alive: Advising the Immigrant Student, October 18 at the University of Denver
Undocumented and Unafraid
Just Like Us
Underground America: Narratives of Undocumented Students
Online Resources
Citizenship Privilege:
Upper Class, Middle Class
U.S. Citizen
35-55 years old
Able-bodied & Able-minded
Person of Color
Working Class
Undocumented Immigrant
Everyone else
0-34 years old & 56+ years old
Person non-able bodied/minded
Sexual Orientation
Some Colorado students can now pay in-state tuition and go to college!

Who qualifies? A student that has:
1) Attended high school for three years immediately prior to graduation
2) Been admitted to a college within twelve months of gradutation
3) Sign an affidavit if student are not legally present in the United States. It would state that the student is currently seeking legal status or will seek it as soon as student is eligible.
Colorado ASSET
4.o GPA
26 ACT
I worked hard through school....now what?
2.8 GPA
20 ACT
South Korean
2.1 GPA
15 ACT
My family doesn't know anything about college
1.6 GPA
14 ACT
What is
the point?
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