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Why did the KKK kill black people?

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arianna simmons

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Why did the KKK kill black people?

The KKK people
By Arianna Simmons
The KKK killed black people because they didn't like them. They probably didn't like them for bad reasons or like just wanted to beat them for no reason. Also, they wanted the white people rule the world. They didn't have permission to kill people so why are they killing them?
Why did the KKK kill black people?
The KKK had a bad affect on black people because they used to bomb their houses,churches and schools. They also got hung, shoot or whipped to death. They were even put on fire and they were burned to death. My thinking why they did this was because Blacks had everything that a white person could have like good schools and jobs.
How did the KKK affected black people ?
They had hundreds of white people to join them because the group was so popular and liked the evil plan. Also, every white person was kind of welcome or just wanted to be apart of something.Why people want to do this because you killing black people?
How did they get hundreds of white people to join them?
my family/mrs.welter
kkk people.org
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