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lib hist

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of LAILA & SYLVIA

Sergeant Santiago J. Erevia
DUAN WAS BORN ON NOVEMBER 16TH, 1931. He is now at the age of 84. Duan is a former american combat marine. For conspicious gallantry and intrepidy at the risk of his life abouve and beyond the call of duty while serving as a gunner in a machine gun platoun of company E, second Battalion, fifth marines, first marine division (Reighn forced ) in action againsted enemy agresser forces near panmunjom, Korea, on april, 16 1952. when and enemy grenade landed close to this position while he and his assistant gunner were recieving medical attention for thier wounds during a fierce night attack by numerically superior hostil forces, corpal Dewy although suffering intense pain, immediatly pulled the corpsman to the ground and shouting a warning to other marines around him, bravley smothered the deadly missil with his body personally absorbing the fullforce of the explosion to save his comrads from possible injury or death. his courage, outstanding efforts in behalf of others in the face of almost certian death reflect the highest credit upon conporal Dewey and enhance the finest traditions of the united states Navel Service
John Phillip Baca
John was born on January 10th , 1949. John was a former United States Army soldier and Veitnamn war veteran. He was awarded the medal of honor for his actions in combat. For conspicious gallantry and interepidy in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. john distinguished himself while seving ona recoiless rifle team during a night ambush mission.a platoon from his company was sent to investigate the denotation of and automatic ambush device device forward of his units main position and soon came under. in intense enemy fire from conceded positions along the trail hearing the heavy firing from the platoon position.within the protrols defensive postition.with a complet disregard to his own saftey, covered the grenade with his teal helmet and laid his body over the helmet as the grenade exploded therby absorbing the lethal fragments and concussion with his body. he saved 8 men from injurys or death. with the risk of his life
He distiguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty whille serving as a radio tlephone operator in company c.
He came under intense hostile fire four bunkers to his left. Although he could have taken cover with the rest of the element, he chose a retaliatory course of action. With heavy enemy fire directed at him, he moved in f view of hostie gunners as he proceeded to crawl from one wounded man to another ,gathering ammunition.Armed with two M-16 rifles and several hand grenades ,he charged toward the enemy positions behind the suppressive fire,he pulled the pinfrom a hand grenade into the bunker,mortally wounding the insurgent and destroying the fortificatin
Alfred B. Nietzel
Alfred B. Nietzel
Alfred B. Nietzel was born in April 27,1921 in Queens, Newyork .
Nietzel is being reconizged for his valorous actions in Heistern ,Germany , Nov 18,1994 . He first joined the army oct 5,1940 .When an enemy assault threatened to overrun his unit position, Nietzel selflessly covered for the retreating members of his squad ,expending all his ammunition and holding his post until has was killed by an emeny hand grenade . Nietzel recieved the medal of honor.
Sgt. Santiago Everia was born in Nordheim
Texas, in 1946 He volunteereed to join the
U.S Army in San Antonio when he was 22 years old. Later Everia distinguished himself May 21,1969 while serving as a radio telephone operator during a search -and- clear mission near Tam Ky City , in the republic of Vietnam
It took courage to leave his family on his mission.
He took place in the face of danger because knowing he could of died or have major injurys he laid his helmet over the bomb and his body over it save his men.
He is honored because he saved 8 men from injurys or death
He first joined the army Oct 18,1994
When an enemy assault threatened to overrun his unit position ,Nietzel selflessly covered for the retreating members of his squad,expending all his ammunition and holding his post until he was killed.
He holded his post until he was killed .
After breaching an insrgent perimeter , specialist four Everia was designated by his platoon leader to render first aid to several casulaties ,and the rest of the platoon moved on.
He bravely smothered a grenade to save his comrades .
For conspicious gallantry and interpidity at the risk of his above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a gunner
His in domitable courage, outstanding initiative ,and valiant efforts in behalf of others in the fae of almost certain death.
They all showed various waysof having honor ,valor,and courage whether they risked there lives or knocked out enemies they all deserved the medal of honor.
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