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No description

Maryam Khan

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Fantasy

Of the characters:
Of magic
Of the villains
A lot of similarities between Hitler and Voldermort in terms of belief and background
Accessible to everyone across different mediums.
Books- biggest and fastest selling book series of all time
official website- harry potter and Pottermore
fan website- Quaffle seekers
theme parks
advert for studio tour
The conflict between good and evil.
Also the idea that we all have good and a dark side within us, but it's up to us to act on it or not.
Our decisions determine who we are as a person.
The audience of Harry Potter.
Through out the films
Age range
Escapism especially for children
feminism- witch and wizards
Stereotypical class :
Ron,lower class, poor and is made very evident.
Malfoy upper class and is evil.
Muggle blood (Hermionie)
negative ideology of racial cleansing to encourage the audience to not accept this belief.

The belief that wizards are not normal- Harry's aunt and uncle
The Sorting hat, free will
For even within the larger system, there are sub-ideologies present. After a young witch or wizard is hailed as a subject to this hidden society by means of the Hogwarts letter, another type of hailing takes place: that of the Sorting Ceremony at Hogwarts, which assigns the children into their school houses.
media language
Hogwarts: gothic symbolism

Representation and symbolism of the arrival at Hogwarts castle from the first film to the last.
In relation to Harry (growing up) and teenagers in general
First was magical and a sanctuary
Destruction of Hogwarts

Harry Potter studio tour advert- adults with the voices of children.
The inner child,
The fantasy genre in general
The conventions of fantasy- main character
Always starts mostly in 1-5 at aunts and uncle's house- heightens the sense of normality to magical
Draco means dragon and mal foi in french is 'bad faith'
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