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Negin Jamali

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Platforms Aboriginals Immigration David Radzikovsky Negin Jamali Yana Badia Lisa Liu Nawal Abdulahi Age: 48
Born : Ottawa, Ontario
Career : PhD in Law, physics, economics, political science
Position in party : Party leader
Interests: Mathematics, entrepreneurship , golf, and history Age: 31
Born: Vancouver, British Colombia
Career Background: PhD in Politics, Law, political science
Position in the party: Vice- leader
Interests: Law, finance, fundraising, & pacifism. Age: 26
Born: Mississauga, Ontario
Career: Masters in humanities and specialization in international relations.
Position in the party: Minister of immigration
Interests: Fundraising, advertising the party, and horseback riding. Age: 42
Born: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Career: PhD psychology, & masters in environmental science.
Position: Minster of humanity & career
Interests: Eco- science & philosophy Age: 37
Born: Montreal, Quebec
Career: Specializes in international relations and masters in humanity and marketing
Position: Minister in international and domestic trade.
Interests: Writers- craft , novelist ,and financial trade. Income Taxes:
5% for poorest 5%
40% for richest 0.05%
Percentage will change accordingly for others
Corporate Taxes:
10% for companies 5 years and younger
35% for richest 3% of companies
Other companies’ taxes will be adjusted accordingly by the CRA.

Organize the spending of taxes more efficiently.
Increase the average minimum wage. Social Issues EDUCATION
Provinces will be required to lower tuition cost by at least 10%.
Teachers salaries will be unaffected
Provide adequate funding Health Care Health care stays free
Cheaper life insurance Fixing the immigration & refugee determinations
The "Canada Express Pass", would be created for business visitors.
Guarantees equal treatment to every individual, including more than one million immigrants Defense Less on military more on benefiting extremely sick children and education for natives.
Less military testing in Canada (from the US) for our safety. More funding into aboriginal reserves: Housing and programs
Therefore more acknowledgment of culture. Unemployment Decreasing the unemployment rate by creating new jobs: encourage business growth, factory building
NEW industry with carbon capturing artificial forests
Increased funding into youth business programs FOREIGN TRADE & RELATIONS Import good from Mexico, such as vehicles, agricultural goods, and electronic equipment.
Straighten ties with the association of the south east Asian nations. So why should you VOTE for Avant-Garde? We are eco- friendly
We care about the youth because we believe that they are our future
We want peace and equality
We work towards making Canada united as a nation
We make life easy, safe and fun for each and every citizen of Canada Thank you Criminal Law Reinstate child protection legislation. Fight child exploitation on the internet to protect the safety of children.

Every 2 years must reevaluate and do a background check Increase security in high crime areas/ target hardening. Increase gun control: WHERE and WHY?
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